Making Life Tech-Easy Improves Your Business

Making Life Tech-Easy Improves Your Business

For many, business improvements mean bigger offices, bigger teams and bigger customer base. As an entrepreneur, improving your business becomes synonymous with growing in numbers. Admittedly, it’s understandable that when bigger leads to increased profits, any entrepreneur makes the connection between bigger and better. However, there are ways to improve your business that don’t relate to its size, but to the smoothness and simplicity of its processes. In fact, the trend to creating better businesses is to maximize technology. The more you integrate technology into your offices and on your business display, the more you’ll enjoy the advantages of a tech-friendly environment.

Online voting changes democracy

It makes it easier for your customers to interact

Users have grown to love processes that save them time. When it takes less than a second to click, users expect each click to be meaningful and to launch a quick and effective process. There’s a reason why Amazon is a world’s leader in terms of retailing, and it’s their “click to buy” feature. If all it takes to select an item, pay it and organize its delivery is a click, it’s easy to see why users come back to Amazon. Similarly, the function of one click has been pushed to a new limit when Smartmatic supported the online voting system in Estonia. Click to vote is the natural conclusion of click to buy. Ultimately, the time has come for Internet voting. The easier you make it for users to interact with your business or institution online, the more interactions you’ll be able to see.  

You can get the talent you need

If digital technology can let you connect to remote customers, why couldn’t it do the same for remote employees? Remote working is one of the biggest revolutions in the business world. It lets businesses choose the best person for the job, regardless of their location. More importantly, remote working options have led to positive results within the team, as the employment retention rate has increased significantly across all industry sectors. Additionally, days off and sick days have dropped, as remote workers can arrange their work day to fit around their lifestyle. In other words, it appears that making employees’ lives better by letting them work from their favorite location saves companies a lot of money. And if you thought that people who work from home work less, you need to reevaluate your perceptions. Home office workers are more productive, work longer hours and achieve better results.

Remote work

You increase your revenues

Are customers more likely to buy online than in shops? The answer is that people are more likely to buy when the purchase process is made as easy as possible. If you’ve got a brick and mortar shop, it’s time to switch to Apple wallet, Samsung pay and contactless payments to encourage your visitors to buy as effortlessly as possible. For online retailers, you need to smooth out the checkout process to the maximum as you could lose up to 40% conversions as a result of long and involving checkout processes. In other words, make sure you pick the preferred payment options for your customers and only request the information you need to deliver their items.

Click and pay with Ecommerce

You reduce admin costs and processes

Going paperless is often perceived as a way for modern offices to ditch the paper archives and gain more physical space. While most articles claim that paperless administrations save a lot of costs, it hasn’t yet convinced all business owners. In reality, it can be difficult to accept the cost argument when a cost of a secured server exceeds the price of a folder. But paperless offices save significant money on time management, as it only takes a few seconds to search and find the document you need. Additionally, recurring processes can be automated, such as retainers billing and regular workflows. Besides, when you free up time for your staff, you create more opportunities for innovation, creative thinking and disruptive ideas.

You can reach new markets

Last, but not least, an online presence enables a business to interact with its users. But, contrary to a physical shop, your website isn’t limited by a geographical location. As a result, it’s much easier for small businesses to reach a global customer base and identify target markets. Digital technology provides a website with an instant translation functionality if you haven’t created a multilingual site, meaning that you can appeal to customers who don’t even speak your language.

In the end, digital technology is to be used as a mean to an end in the workplace. From making it easier for your end users to get in touch to enabling your employees to work faster and efficiently, there’s no denying that digital smoothes out your business experience for the best.


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