Making Money From Gaming – Can It Be Done?


It seems possible to make money doing anything online. People are managing their investment portfolios, making a living off YouTube and other ventures that make a career from your computer a very real possibility.

It’s no surprise then that more and more people are making money from gaming. Gaming has lost its stigma, meaning it’s becoming more socially acceptable to game – opening up some great money-making opportunities.

In years gone by, there were certain stigmas attached to playing video games. Mainly enforced by parents, teachers, and the media, there were some so-called truths spread about the medium.

  • Video games are bad for you
  • Video gaming is geeky
  • Video games cause violent behaviour

Why Video Games No Longer Hold The Stigma They Once Did

And so on and so on. Now, admittedly, there can be some notion of truth. The naysayers, while going over the top, had reason to label the negative effects of video games. Those teenagers who sat in their rooms playing games nearly 24/7 were putting their health at risk. Gaming was a niche medium for a while, so the word ‘geeky’ could be applied to the hobby. And there was some suggestion that the more violent video games did cause violent behaviour, though the jury is still out on that one.

However, times move on and video games (in most circles) no longer hold the stigma they once did. There is no longer the need to feel shame for being a video gamer. Why?

  • Rather than focussing on the negative health effects of gaming, there is now evidence to suggest video games are actually good for you. Studies have shown that gaming improves cognitive functions (children perform better in schools as a result), and evidence also suggests video gaming is a great way to de-stress, calming the mind, rather than triggering violent outbursts.
  • In the past, video gaming was seen as a solitary hobby, with worries from parents that their children were becoming social outcasts as they sat forever in their bedrooms. No longer is this the case. Thanks to the Nintendo Wii and it’s motion-controlled goodness, video gaming became something families did together. Rather than isolate family members, popular games such as Wii Sports brought people together to play in a shared hobby.
  • Following on from the above, gaming supports social conventions, albeit based around virtual worlds rather than real-life situations. Online gaming is huge, and friendships have been built around popular multiplayer games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. These are genuine friendships too, with healthy camaraderie between players as they form clans who play together across multiple games.
  • Gaming is now in the hands of the masses, with smartphones and tablets creating a nation of gamers, rather than a select few. Even those naysayers – looking at those complaining parents out there – have discovered the joys of gaming, with casual titles aimed at this burgeoning market. It’s not all Candy Crush and Words With Friends, however, as the mobile market has more graphically intensive and complicated games, such as Final Fantasy 15 and Half-Life 2, distant cousins of their console forebears, allowing anybody the opportunity to get sucked into a vast and immersive adventure from the palm of their hands.
  • Why don’t you go out and play sport? We aren’t asking you that, but it was something that teenagers up and down the country heard from their parents. For starters, who wants to go out into the cold and kick a football around when you can sit in the comfort of your own home and play Fifa instead? Of course, you know where we are heading, as video gaming has now been classified as a sport itself, with the rise of eSports. Even television networks want a piece of the action now, away from YouTube and Twitch, as the passive tv viewer sat in front of their box may soon have the opportunity to see ‘what all the fuss is about.’

So, video games no longer hold the stigma they once did. Millions of happy gamers can finally rejoice at that fact. While there are dangers still – we really shouldn’t sit in front of the tv for hours – it is good for game developers and gamers alike, that this is no longer a bedroom hobby confined only to the geeks amongst us. But hey, who said being a geek was a bad thing anyway?

So can you really make money from gaming? Let’s find out.

Youtube video editing.


Twitch is a platform which allows people to watch and stream online game playing. Now that online multiplayer gaming has become so popular, platforms like Twitch offer some fantastic ways to make money through gaming.

Some of the ways you can make money from Twitch include:

Ask for donations

Donations are one of the most popular ways to make money from Twitch. By adding a ‘Donate’ button, viewers can ping money over to the streamer, so if they’re liking what they see – they might send some money as a form of appreciation. Many gamers make a lot of money this way, without even have to pay for a subscription.

Get subscribers

Getting subscribers is an easy way to get a steady stream of income from gaming, as Twitch will pay you around $2.50 a month for each subscriber. The catch is that you’ll need over 500 subscribers to qualify to be a Twitch partner, but if you’re willing to work towards getting your subscribers, the results will be worth it.


Once you become a Twitch partner, you’ll also receive an income through ad revenue. Your ad revenue can be worth as much as $250 a month per 100 subscribers, making Twitch a simple way to make money through gaming.

Online games

Online games offer a good chance to make money if you know what you’re doing and can play sensibly. Different games at Casino Guru could help you to make some easy money online, but they also come with a risk. If you’re a skilled online gamer, it’s certainly worth investigating the potential returns to help you see if you could make money through playing online games.

Blog about it

If you have a passion for gaming, why not blog about it? Gaming blogs are popular, and if you have a particular niche or gaming interest – you could turn your blog into a must-read. The more subscribers you have, the better you can monetize your blog. Some of the ways you can monetize your blog include:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to make money by recommending products to others. Amazon and other gaming retailers have affiliate marketing programs that you can use to encourage others to buy the products that you’re recommending. Affiliate marketing can be slow to take off, but if you’re willing to spend time and energy doing it, you can make some good money through affiliate marketing. Many people use Pinterest to improve their affiliate marketing efforts, so set up an account that’s geared towards your gaming efforts.


Putting advertisements on your blog is another good way to generate some easy money. Pay per click (PPC) ads are one way you can make money, or you can sell advertising space on your blog. Put a proposal together outlining your subscriber and visitor numbers to help you offer an attractive advertising package to prospective clients. Focus your efforts on upping your subscriber numbers to increase the amount of money you can make from advertisers.

Sponsored posts

If you have companies and brands that you want to work with, you might be able to negotiate some sponsored posts. Sponsored posts enable you to write about certain gaming topics while advertising products and services on behalf of brands. In addition to making money from sponsored posts, you can also benefit from increased exposure – which will benefit the other monetization areas of your blog. You can seek out sponsorship opportunities by contacting relevant companies and proposing a partnership.

Write and sell walkthroughs

Some people relish the challenge of completing different games, others might need a helping hand. Writing walkthroughs and selling them online can be a good way to make some money by gaming, especially if you’re an expert at certain types of games. If you’ve got useful tips and strategies for completing games, then it makes sense to share them with others. Walkthroughs can be sold through your website or blog, your social media accounts and even through Amazon’s Kindle store to give you several different options for making money.

Enter competitions

Professional gamers make a lot of their money by entering competitions. While you can put a lot of time and energy into entering competitions that don’t pay off, it can be worth it to stand a chance of winning some big gaming prizes. The easiest way to enter gaming competitions is to join a team, where you’ll stand a better chance of getting endorsements and sponsorships. Some competitions have prizes running into the millions, so if you have a talent, why not enter and see where it leads you?

Start a YouTube channel

While you might not have the time or commitment to stream your gaming activity regularly, a YouTube channel could be a fun way to indulge your passion and share your tips with others. Like blogging, YouTube offers several ways to monetize your channel, meaning it could be profitable if you have a lot of subscribers. It’s worth noting that YouTube have become stricter with their monetization tools, so check out all of the requirements before you get started.

If you love gaming and want to take it to the next level, then making money from it can be the next step forward for you. It’s a competitive worLd with a lot of other gamers looking to get a slice of the pie, but it can certainly be worth it if you want to make some additional income. Think you can’t turn gaming into a career? You won’t know until you give it a try!

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