Making The Most Of Your Online Store

E-store important facts.


Having an online store is a great way to start up a business, or to expand your existing company. Every store (practically) has an online version of themselves, if you’re looking for something in particular, you usually Google it. There are even some huge companies, like Amazon, who exist purely online and are very successful in doing so. But having an online store and making the most of it are two different things. There a features you can get, and benefits you probably wouldn’t think about straightaway. Your online store can automatically rank higher in potential customer’s eyes purely for aesthetic reasons.


The appearance of your online store should be cohesive with your brick and mortar store – if you have one. Otherwise, you should use this to set the tone and look for your company. You want the layout to be as simple and clean cut as possible so that your customers can navigate it easily, meaning that it will be even easier for them to get shopping and buying. The way your site looks has to be geared towards selling your product, so having the home screen set as something other than a new range, or a current offer, is just going to harm your business. You don’t want to have huge flashing banners screaming SALE! Opt for some subtler advertising which will have the same punch.


Luckily for you, most web-building platforms are created with multiple devices in mind. Most people not only have a desktop but a laptop, a tablet and a smart phone. So your site needs to be able to adapt for each different device. You know how annoying it is to have to zoom in on a website on your phone just because the format of the site hasn’t changed. By using a scalable ecommerce platform will help you to reach more customers, and to keep them interested once they have accessed your site.


Any site you build should be updated regularly to keep it performing at its top capacity. But with an online store, you’ll need to keep stock numbers accurate, new items need adding, old items need removing – there is a whole host of updates that you need to make on almost a daily basis. Fortunately, most online store platforms will keep track of your sold stock for you, and you just have to change the numbers when you get new stock in. You will also need to update your site with any offers or sales that you are going to do – not only in a visual way but in a way that will affect the pricing of your products. Use an organizational app to help you keep on top of it all.

Customer Service

Adding a link to customer service, whether it’s through social media, an email address or a phone number will automatically improve your site. People like to know that if they have an issue, or a question, that they will be able to contact the company and get a quick response. Your customers are your number one priority – without them, you won’t have a business.

Five Reasons I’m Breaking Up With Your Online Store – by Rackspace

Back in 2014, Rackspace already pointed out 5 offenses that online stores can’t commit. They translate directly to what we just pointed out up here:

Offense #1: Bugginess
“if your calculator doesn’t calculate, your videos don’t play, or your interactive product view doesn’t budge, don’t clog up my shopping trip with it.”

Offense #2: Soooo Slow
“When your 360-degree views take 360 seconds to load, I’m going somewhere else.”

Offense #3: Privacy Suspicions
“Your cookies leave a bad taste in my mouth. Even with all of the tracking you’re doing, you still send my friend Bill emails”

Offense #4: The Layout Maze
“You were so anxious to launch your site that you forgot that people have to navigate their way around it.”

Offense #5: Mobile Monstrosities
“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but everyone on the planet has a smartphone. So it’s time you took your desktop site and made it dazzle on the smaller screen.”

Bring it all down to 2017

The infographic below by Tradevitality is as actual as possible. Enjoy.


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