If you want to market your business then you certainly have a lot to think about. After all, you need to think about your ideal customer base, how you are going to reach them and the most effective means of doing so. When you are able to process this information, you can then start to make the most out of the budget that you have. Socialise The amount of people who use social media has increased tenfold over the last decade. Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more are all great for you to use and they are all unique in their veryRead More →

Marketing is instrumental in the success of any business. If you can’t attract attention from customers, it doesn’t matter how brilliant your product is, how fabulous your restaurant or salon looks, or how experienced the staff in your sales team are. To achieve results, you need to be able to bring customers in and impress them so that they return in the future and recommend your services to others. If you feel like there’s a disconnect between your aims and your strategy, or you’ve experienced a slump in sales, it may be time to refresh your plans and ensure you get more from your marketingRead More →

Image Credit In business, your image goes a long way towards deciding the amount of success you will eventually receive. Like it or not, if you have a problem with your reputation, you can sink like a stone. If you want to portray the right kind of image to your customers, the media, investors and everyone else who comes into contact with your company, then you will need to consider a few different things. Let’s take a look at how you might overcome your business image problem. Get the basics right If you want to be treated with respect, it’s important to look the part.Read More →

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We went from vinyl records, to tapes, to CDs, to now online MP3 files to play the music we love. We went from green and black computers with only basic functions, to the Apple desktop computer, to the laptop, to now the powerful gaming PC builds we see today. In every way you can think of, technology has evolved beyond our wildest dreams. It’s also made these leaps and bounds in seriously quick time and since we’re not in a technological renaissance, you can expect much more and sooner rather than later. We live in a time where our smartphones can hold tens of thousandsRead More →

For many business owners, the challenge of marketing their company and their brand is one of the things than they struggle with more than ever. You don’t want to make the mistake of ignoring your marketing efforts just because they’ve been frustrating you. That would be a major mistake and your business will suffer as a consequence. Marketing can be easy, no matter what anyone else tells you. It all comes down to finding a marketing approach that works well for your business and what you want to achieve. We’re going to help you make your marketing work easier and less stressful than it isRead More →

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Whoever holds all the information holds the key to success. That’s as true when it comes to winning over customers in business as it is in anything else. Information on your customers can help you create better marketing messages, tailor specific offers, and make the process of converting leads much more efficient. The better you know your customers, the more likely you are to be able to convince them, provided you can make good use of the insights you get. But where does a business get those insights from? Link Reactions and engagements One of the easiest ways to get customer insights on specific partsRead More →

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via GIPHY Sherlock Holmes is a 19th-century detective and your marketing plan is a 21st-century organism. Neither have anything in common, right? Elementary, my dear reader – Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson have a lot to teach businesses about, well, business. The sleuth is one of the greatest detectives ever to have lived, fictionally or otherwise. And, you need his powers of deduction for one purpose: to research the competition. While you’re reading this post, they are out there, developing new ways to attract customers and steal your market share. Even worse, rivals are pretty good at turning on the charm. Thankfully, you can haveRead More →


For many, business improvements mean bigger offices, bigger teams and bigger customer base. As an entrepreneur, improving your business becomes synonymous with growing in numbers. Admittedly, it’s understandable that when bigger leads to increased profits, any entrepreneur makes the connection between bigger and better. However, there are ways to improve your business that don’t relate to its size, but to the smoothness and simplicity of its processes. In fact, the trend to creating better businesses is to maximize technology. The more you integrate technology into your offices and on your business display, the more you’ll enjoy the advantages of a tech-friendly environment. Online voting changesRead More →

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If you’re an entrepreneur, you quickly need to accept the fact that your success depends on how good you are at marketing. If your business is not marketed in the right way, it will most likely fall short and maybe even fail completely. No entrepreneur wants that for their business, so it’s time to take action and think about where some of the gaps in your marketing knowledge might lie. Read on if you want to find out exactly how you can get better at marketing. After You Grab Attention, You Need to Hold It Once you’ve got the attention of the people you’re tryingRead More →

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Whether you are building a new brand or try to maintain your business momentum, you might already be aware of the importance of your brand’s reputation. Recent social responsibility scandals, tax evasion cases, and employee rights court cases have shown companies that they have more to lose when they don’t do things right than a few thousand dollars in fines. If you would like to maintain your brand’s reputation, you might want to follow the below guide and implement some changes to prevent long term damage and the loss of your market share. Strong Values, Mission, and Vision The first thing you will need toRead More →