Apple computer. Let’s face it, in the modern world of consumer tech; there really has been only one name for the last decade. That name is, of course, Apple. What was once the constant runner-up behind Microsoft when the tech boom first happened back in the 80s is now the undisputed king of our modern, tech-obsessed world. If someone has a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or even a watch, there’s a good chance that it’s an Apple product. And for a long time, many of those products have been fantastic but is it time to start thinking about everyone’s favourite tech giant a little more critically? HereRead More →

Apple headquarters.

Apple is synonymous with innovative design, creativity and thinking outside the box. Their new multi-million dollar site housing their headquarters is due to be finished by the end of this year. Rumours abound as to what the giant doughnut-like structure will contain. We know that it’s a mile in circumference, will house over 12,000 employees and has more eco-credentials than you can shake a stick at. The new building is a world away from the more mundane offices in the rest of Silicon Valley. Welcome to the wacky yet incredible world of the new Apple head office. Fit For Purpose For all Apple’s coolness, theRead More →

Lamp on a blackboard.

Branding is about creating a message, telling a story and communicating this effectively. It’s such an important aspect to get right when it comes to your business in order to look trustworthy, connect with customers and compete with your more established competition. Here are just a few of the reasons you should focus on your brand. How Do I Build My Brand There are a few key elements to focus on when it comes to building your brand. The first is your company’s name. It needs to be memorable, and unique enough that it’s not being confused with other businesses (this is not only badRead More →

Customer relations call center.

If you want your business to be as successful as possible, you will need to spend a fair amount of time thinking about the customer. As long as the customer is happy, you don’t need to worry about the future of your business. However, keeping the customer happy can be a tricky business all on its own, and it is notoriously hard to keep up on a daily basis. If you are serious about improving your customer relations, however, you will want to approach it from all angles – and one angle which really counts is technology. Is your business using technology to its fullestRead More →