Marketing Your Business To Attract Top Millennial Talent

Millenial Young Man.

While it is becoming truer and truer that businesses rely on tech, one thing hasn’t changed: your employees are still your best asset. Now, chances are, you know that Millennials currently make up the majority of the workforce. You are also probably aware that their talents are as far from evenly distributed as you can imagine. Silicone Valley in America, for example, has a ridiculously high number of tech companies where the average age of an employee is under 30. The reason for this is simple: they have become Millennial-friendly, and that is exactly what you need to achieve too if you are after longevity that is.

The reason this is important is that Millennials are the most self-aware generation ever documented with characteristics that are entirely different to those that came before them. But like we said, they are the future and so marketing your company towards the top Millennial talent is crucial to staying ahead of the curve and the competition.

Millenial Young Man.As such, we have come up with some top tips to help you keep up with the ever-evolving landscape and not lose out on attracting – and keeping – fantastic employees:

Flexibility Rules The Land

Those days of working a nine to five are almost dead and that is large because over 95% of Millennial workers have stated that the most important thing in a job was a good work-life balance. What’s wrong with that? We weren’t born just to work all day every day, and not at a time dictated to us either, and the Millennial Force has recognized that. How much flexibility you offer them is up to you, though. It could be that you simply offer flexi-working hours, whereby they have to be in the office between 10 and 4, but the rest is their choice. It could be that you allow them to work from home on days where they don’t have client meetings. It could even be that you let them pop out to do 45-minutes of yoga when they feel too stressed to perform good work. Whatever you decide, though, just remember that the more flexible you are the more attractive you’ll be.

Perks Really Do Matter

The bar has been raised on this matter because nowadays companies have sleep pods, free cafeterias, games rooms and policies that allow you to bring your pet in with you. But while you may think that these luxuries are more closely aligned to a spoiled generation, they are in fact perks that simply mimic a culture of care, and that is what Millennials like. Things as simple as employee assistance programs, like those offered by Health Assured, which focus on employees personal problems hold a lot of sway. The reason for this is because it adds to a Millennials sense of being valued and appreciated, and they are two of the most defining characteristics of a Millennial worker. They want to feel like they are part of a good culture and have endless possibilities. They want work to feel good.

People Want A Purpose

Over sixty percent of Millennials want to feel like their life has to mean and that means having a job that has a purpose. If that can be guaranteed to them when they are considering a job then you are likely going to see them join your ranks. People have stronger beliefs than ever before, and values that they won’t budge on, to the extent that they won’t perform tasks that contradict these values. A lot of the time, businesses grant Millennials this need by aligning themselves with a cause or joining forces with a philanthropist body or even a charity. However, if you can’t achieve this or go down that route, increasing the transparency in your company is another great way to achieve the same outcome. At HubSpot, which is an inbound marketing firm, they have given every employee the same access as the directors, board members, and shareholders. They have essentially made everyone an insider and allowed them the same privileges and it has worked. It takes away any mystery surrounding the bureaucracy of business.

Always Give Feedback

Annual reviews were the worst idea in the first place. Getting a five-minute meeting to soak up feedback for a year’s worth of hard work. It just doesn’t sit well with employees. For one, these reviews never tend to align with the cycle of projects and, two, people get agitated because they feel their effort has been overlooked. Part of the reason so many companies are scrapping performance reviews is because it makes far more sense to have employees set short term goals and then check in with the leaders at quarterly checkpoints. This allows a far more thorough and far fairer system in which to monitor employees, and that is reflected on them. By using this system, you are going to attract top talent to your business because that is the kind of attitude that fits the mold of a Millennial.

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