Mobile Gaming Apps and Their Surprising Benefits

Mobile Gaming Apps and Their Surprising Benefits

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Since the beginning of electronic gaming, it’s pretty much always been a battle between the latest consoles. In the last decade or so, this has been a two horse race between Xbox and Playstation- but the world of gaming has started to change dramatically. Mobile gaming apps have taken off in a big way, and by 2020 they’re expected to account for almost half of all revenue generated by electronic games. Better smartphones and technology means better games, and the microtransaction business model has shown to be very effective as most people will make at least one small purchase during their time playing. Unlike console gaming, you don’t need to have expensive equipment to start with and you don’t need to invest a lot of money upfront for the game since most are free. They’re accessible and a good way to kill some time when you’re at a loose end, and there are actually a number of benefits to playing them too.

You Could Sharpen Your Skills

The more you use your brain, the quicker you become at the skill you’re training. Gaming apps can help you with memory, problem solving, spelling, mental arithmetic and more depending on what it is you’re playing. As well as having fun and killing time when you’re bored, you’re also training your cognitive skills and doing your brain some real good. Once we finish education we can make the mistake of letting our skills slip as we get older- so gaming is a fun way to brush up.

They Boost Mood

Solving a puzzle, getting through to the next level and enjoying victory is a great way to boost mood. Thanks to things like ArCore technology (which is discussed in detail here) mobile apps are becoming more lifelike and therefore more satisfying to play too. If you’re feeling anxious, something like a mobile app to take your mind off your stress can be really helpful too. It stops you focusing on your worry and can keep you occupied until the feelings of stress have passed.

They Help You to Socialise

There’s no substitute for spending time in person with family and friends. However, that’s not always practical, and sometimes you have to take what you can get. Often, this will be messages on an app like Whatsapp or a social media site, but gaming can be a good alternative option. It’s a different way to socialise, you can challenge each other and it’s a fun and simple way to keep in contact while you’re both busy. You don’t have to sit and think of lots of things to say, and it’s generally fun and lighthearted and an easy way to stay in touch. There are plenty of two player apps out there, one of you will take a turn and the other will take their turn when they’re ready. So you don’t even have to be say playing at the same time.

Were you aware of the surprising benefits of mobile gaming? Had you considered any of these things before?

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