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Passing on your gift unto others is one of the greatest feelings and motivations to success you can ever accomplish and feel. You may be experienced in the world of business, and especially setting up and running an independent business. Seeing businesses that have asked for your help transform into something quite special, is what it’s all about. Mentors have been around for centuries and centuries in countless different forms. They are the mist that drifts through society, correcting mistakes before they happen, and putting people on the right path to success. From generation to generation, skills and experience need to be passed down, soRead More →

There’s no doubt that any business that wants to survive in the modern age has to embrace digital technology. Sure, there was a time when that kind of tech was only ever used by huge companies or niche, specialist organizations. But as the internet and the technology surrounding it became a fixture in just about everyone’s day to day life, businesses had to embrace it or risk getting left behind. This can often be tough for less tech savvy business owners. Whether you’re someone whose business predates these developments, and you don’t understand why you need them, or you’re something of a technophobe with noRead More →

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No one wants to become a victim of identity theft. It can lead to so many other problems, and sorting it out can take time and cause you lots of stress. Identity theft tends to strike people who don’t look after their personal security as stringently as they probably should. Below, you can learn more about identity theft and how you can avoid it. Read on to start bolstering your personal security. view full post »Read More →

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When Coca Cola introduced the first coupon in the late 1800’s, they had no idea just how influential the idea would be. These days, almost all companies use deals and offers of some kind to drive sales. Everybody loves a good deal and the time constraints that you put on it encourage customers to buy now rather than later. One of the biggest problems that online retailers face is cart abandonment, with customers leaving around 70 percent of online carts without buying the products. That’s a huge percentage but deals and offers can bring that down by a huge amount.  But none of this worksRead More →

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Business expenses can be good news in some respects. After all, they can be tax-deductible, and finding enough costs and expenses in your business can help you significantly reduce your tax bill. However, you still need to keep a limit on your expenses. If they get out of control, then you could run into some serious cash flow problems. Plus, they will only reduce the overall value of your company. view full post »Read More →

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We’ve all heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but many entrepreneurs and small business owners have a limited view of what they can do to improve their search engine visibility. Many of us think of SEO strictly in terms of the on-page changes we make to our content to make it more attractive to the algorithms that search engines employ. While this is undeniably a great way to improve the visibility of your content (and you should certainly consider using a plugin like Yoast to ensure that your content is as SEO friendly as can be), it’s not the only area in which you shouldRead More →