Dude mac user. Quit wasting time on menial tasks a tech tool could do for you

We live at a time where it is difficult to imagine a regular business routine without the help of tech solutions to proceed to everyday tasks. From general communication processes with clients, partners and colleagues — aka emails — to maintaining a healthy market presence that informs and attracts future customers — aka your website —, the workplace environment is naturally built on technology. The main reason for it is that we, people, rely on the tech solutions in our everyday interactions; we have become multitasking tech-savvy productive machines. However, while the focus is always set on the use of digital technology, there is veryRead More →

Camera lens.

Starting your own business comes with a lot of stress. Financial stress is one of the main things that affects businesses the world over, but with a little guidance and a lot of hard work, the stresses can be overcome. Other than an excellent support system, secure finance and a conviction for success, business owners need one other thing. Gadgets! view full post »Read More →

Security cursor.

Businesses of all sizes are working with technology in new and innovative ways. It has transformed the way we all do business. The internet alone has changed the landscape for small businesses and the self-employed. Marketing strategies now include digital marketing campaigns far more than TV, print, or radio. Most importantly, it has revolutionized the way we work. view full post »Read More →