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Starting your own business comes with a lot of stress. Financial stress is one of the main things that affects businesses the world over, but with a little guidance and a lot of hard work, the stresses can be overcome. Other than an excellent support system, secure finance and a conviction for success, business owners need one other thing. Gadgets! view full post »Read More →

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Businesses of all sizes are working with technology in new and innovative ways. It has transformed the way we all do business. The internet alone has changed the landscape for small businesses and the self-employed. Marketing strategies now include digital marketing campaigns far more than TV, print, or radio. Most importantly, it has revolutionized the way we work. view full post »Read More →

Pitch your business to the right investor.

There are only two types of directions in which your business could evolve: Either you grow, or you downsize. Except for some extremely specific situations where entrepreneurs choose to shrink to ditch less profitable areas, downsizing is always synonymous with loss of revenues and business issues. Upsizing, on the other hand, is a positive evolution that indicates that your business is looking to approach a wider audience and win large parts of the market. However, business expansion is a combination of elements: You need to take additional work projects to aim at a new or broader target group and ensure that further recruitment of newRead More →

CCTV cameras.

Business security is something of a nebulous concept. For every security measure that a business owner is able to put in place, there will always be someone else trying to think of a workaround. Protecting their business assets might be one of the top priorities for entrepreneurs, but breaking through that protection is the top priority for many thieves, burglars, and cybercriminals. Such is the way of innovation; it’s not just the good guys who are able to develop new methods. view full post »Read More →


Property, precious metals, stocks, shares….Bitcoin? The 2009-born crypto-currency has been stealthily gaining traction as an investment option for a few years now, to the point where it’s beginning to pique the interest of even the most bearish of investors. Where and how do you start with bitcoin investment? We take a walk through the basics here… view full post »Read More →