Building a good website is an important part of any marketing strategy but it’s also pretty expensive. If you neglect it, an outdated website can really hurt your sales, so you’ll just have to accept it and spend the money. As long as you make sure that you’ve got all of the features you need on there, you can use these tips to reduce the bill of building and running your website. view full post »Read More →

Online shopping.

Without customers, businesses would not be businesses. Without customers businesses would make no money. They would make no profit. They would be nothing. So, it’s vital that customers are both reached and retained by businesses, and it’s pivotal that this happens every single day. And do you know what is helping this to happen in the modern world? Yep, you guessed it, tech. view full post »Read More →

PC coffee

So you’ve gone and set yourself up an online business, and things are going really well for you. You’ve got customers ordering off you at least once or twice a day, which is good for a small shop, and you’ve got the right kind of exposure on social media and featured pages across the web. Well done! But now’s the time to see if you can take that any higher with a little bit of expansion that won’t cost you an arm or a leg, and uses everything you already have to work off of. Namely, it’s time to revitalise the website! Here’s a fewRead More →

Phishing email.

Phishing emails are becoming more sophisticated than ever before. Each year, there is a new crop of victims opening seemingly-innocent emails who become the victims of phishing scams. But are these emails as innocent as they appear? view full post »Read More →