Free antivirus

The case for free

We all have that moment when we need to buy a new computer or a new smartphone. And we need to install and configure once again all your favorite software and even get or download again all those programs. We start by finding out they have new versions, that even your own operational system might be a new version… and between all that confusion, you also need new antivirus.

These new versions and install together with the price of the new hardware doesn’t come cheap, with graphic and office productivity software topping the list.

To make it easier on these new users, free security provided by free antivirus is a great way to protect a new computer and should be taken advantage of.

Below, a few reasons to try out free security software (antivirus).

  • After spending money on the new computer, one doesn’t want to spend even more on software.
  • On a new system, we don’t know how our old security tool will work, so it’s ok to try out different antivirus.
  • Come one, how dangerous are your internet habits that don’t allow you to have a decent free and safe product.
  • Free is exactly that… free! And will give you great upgrade options if you are looking for more features.


The below products offer you a good free antivirus software and offer paid upgrade versions.

Free antivirus brand AviraAvira Anti-Virus Free antivirus brand AVGAVG AntiVirus Free antivirus brand AvastAvast AntiVirus
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