Professional Ways To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

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Blogging can be an extremely fun pass time to take on because it allows you to write about the things that you love, be in touch with like minded and other wonderful bloggers, and also have the opportunity to help people along the way with your articles and videos. However, there is a large market in the blogging world that you can make limitless amounts of money from, and if you’re interested in turning your blog into a full time career, here are some professional ways to take your blog to the next level.

Set up your email marketing

It’s likely that on your blog you have a section where people can subscribe to your blog posts. This is where they will be alerted by email when you publish some new content on your blog. You should use the email subscribers to your advantage and take the chance to email your subscribers more regularly with updates on plans that you have for your blog. It’s always a good idea to give them a reason to open your email too, so giving them something for free will keep your readers coming back. Bloggers often create free downloadable documents that their readers can use in their day to day lives.

The power of email marketing is stronger than you may think, so use it wherever possible to help bring more readers to your blog. If people have subscribed to your blog it’s likely that they are interested in you as a person as well as a blog, so writing personal newsletters will allow your fans to keep up with what you’re doing too.

Invest in VPS or cloud hosting

If you’ve never heard of VPS hosting, a short definition is a virtual private server. With your blog it’s likely that the hosting you currently have can only hold a certain amount of viewers before your blog runs slow or even stops working altogether. If you’re planning on turning your blog into a business you can expect to receive more and more views as time goes on and you build up your readership. If and when this happens you will need a larger server to host all of your viewers. Invest in VPS hosting so that you are able to handle many viewers on your blog as ir grows.

Put extra effort into your content

Your content is one of the main reasons that you are getting viewers on your blog, and to make your content worth reading you will need to put extra effort into it. Rather than writing a diary kind of blog (which can be successful, but less likely unless you’re famous) consider writing content that helps people or allows them to take something away from it. Much like email marketing you need to give people a reason to click on your link and visit your website. Your content needs to be written in a way that can help people figure out their problems, or even give them a piece of knowledge that they didn’t have before. This might take some research on your behalf but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Think about when you want to find out something. It’s likely that you head straight to a search engine and look it up to find the answer right? The first links that are displayed are full of the keywords that you have searched. This is called search engine optimisation, and the sites that are higher in search engine rankings will have used SEO wisely. Make sure that will every single piece of content you publish that you’re concentrating on the use of SEO so that your blog appears higher in search engine results. When applying SEO to your content you should be thinking about what you would search to get the answers you’re looking for and make sure you include those keywords in the title or somewhere in your content.

Reach out to companies

While you will find that over time companies will contact you interested in working with you, you should be taking the time and effort to reach out to them whenever you can. Until you get your name and reputation around companies will struggle to find you. Find companies that are relevant to your blog and reach out to them asking if they are interested in working with you in some way. This might be a review of a product, or even a placement link to their website on your blog. The more companies that you reach out to, the more work will come your way. Dedicate time each day to contact companies and make sure that your email is personal to them and not a generic template. This will show that you’re keen on working with them and also have taken the time to find out what the company can offer its customers.

Create a work with me page

One thing that will add an instant sense of professionalism to your blog is by adding a work with me page. People who are visiting your blog and want to collaborate with you will instantly look for more information about the work that you can offer, and also a price list. Being able to list out your prices (or at least an estimate) will help people see if they are interested in following through with contacting you.

Make sure that your contact page has information about your personal life, alongside any links to the professional work that you have done. Even if the work wasn’t paid, creating a portfolio for potential clients to look through will do nothing but work in your favour.

Remember to always make sure that your content is helpful to your readers in some way, to utilise SEO, and to ensure that potential clients can contact you via a work with me page and you will be well on your way to becoming a full time blogger. If you’re unsure on how to set up a blog, check out this article on how to quit your 9-5 and become a full time blogger!

As you can see, with a little hard work and common sense you can easily begin the transition from having a blog for fun to having a blog as a full time career.

Results for professional blog on Bing.
Results for professional blog on Bing.

This cheat sheet for Dummies is a great list to help you answer a few questions when your start blogging.

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