Protecting Your Business with the Cloud

Everyone has been talking about the cloud and how it’s so important for everyone to use it. It can help to make your business more cost-effective to run and make the storing and sharing of data easier. Plus, while some people might think using the cloud leaves their business more vulnerable, it can actually be used to make a company more secure. There are several types of technology you can use if you want to use the cloud to improve security for your business. Take a look at how the cloud could benefit your business and make sure it’s less vulnerable.

Use a Cloud-based Security Platform

Every business needs to use security software and tools to protect their business data and technology. The cloud can make it easier to do this by offering tools that can be implemented across networks and kept updated more easily. When you use a firm providing network security service, they will often provide a cloud-based security platform for your business to use. When so much of everything is now moving online and becoming cloud-based, it only makes sense that that the security tools you use should be hosted on the cloud too.

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Automatically Update Applications

Part of keeping your business secure involves updating software and applications on a regular basis. You need to ensure new updates are applied so that vulnerabilities are not left open. However, when these updates have to happen manually, they can get delayed, especially when they need to be performed on everyone’s computer and other devices. With cloud-based applications, the updates can be set to complete automatically, so there’s no need to worry about remembering to do it. This helps to make the business more secure overall, and it removes the need for a task that could be time-consuming or distracting.

Create a Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Plan

One of the ways in which the cloud is hugely beneficial to any business is that it can help with disaster recovery. If data is stored remotely, you can ensure that any problems don’t result in the loss of valuable or sensitive information. When you use a cloud service, they have more than one server, so even if something goes wrong with one of them, they have others to help them keep everything safe. You can use cloud services as part of your disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity and protect your company.

Encrypting Data

When storing things using the cloud, it can be a good idea to use data encryption to hide some of your business’s more sensitive data. While the really sensitive data might be better off not stored in the cloud, there are some things you might want to have cloud-based, but that you don’t want to leave open for anyone to see. Encryption helps with this by coding the data so that only people with the right password are able to read it. Encryption software can be used on the cloud to sort it all out.

The cloud can be useful to protect your business, although you have to think about how it might make it vulnerable too.

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