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Revitalising Your Website

Revitalising Your Website

So you’ve gone and set yourself up an online business, and things are going really well for you. You’ve got customers ordering off you at least once or twice a day, which is good for a small shop, and you’ve got the right kind of exposure on social media and featured pages across the web. Well done! But now’s the time to see if you can take that any higher with a little bit of expansion that won’t cost you an arm or a leg, and uses everything you already have to work off of. Namely, it’s time to revitalise the website! Here’s a few changes you can make for better business.


Put the Integral Info at the Top

You’ll notice how a lot of online retailers out there put their best products at the header of the website for everyone to see. This is because most people who click on a website won’t bother to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the information they want to seem, and if they have tom, you’re losing many potential salesa. When you’re selling online, it’s all about the conversion rates from clicks to cash.

So if toiu have a s,ae on, or  you have a promotion you absolutely need people to know about, make sure it’s the first thing someone will see when they click on your link. They need to know immediately what they’re getting into when it comes to spending their money, and you have to convince them you’re the best value they’re ever going to get. A header simply gives you the edge at the end of the day!

Don’t Make it Too Wordy

When something has paragraphs and paragraphs of information to read, people aren’t going to make it very far down the page. So, instead of leaving all your exposition there, dot it around your site for people to find on their own.

If you do have something customers absolutely need to see, make sure it’s in big font and a bite size chunk!

Change Your Theme

A theme has to be eye catching to make potential customers want to use your website. If something doesn’t immediately fit the tastes of the market you’re trying to sell to, then they’re simply not going to find your product appealing. So make sure you’re following the general trends of your product by incorporating its colors and symbols into your own website design.

Any easy way to change this up consists of coding in its simplest form. When you know how to use Sketch Symbols for quick design changes, you’re going to be in and out of an element in about 10 minutes. Make sure you’ve done some research before you get on with it, and make sure everything formats properly when you’ve finished; missing out your quality assurance checks usually come with a price after all!

Don’t make too much of a mess out of your website; your model already works, just add to it!

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