The Right Angle: Website Design Trends For 2018

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Now that we are into the swing of 2018, it’s now time to shake up our creative juices, and look at ways of upgrading our website, but are there any trends to follow in 2018? When it comes to web design, trends aren’t the be all and end all, but if you are certainly looking for a way to reinvigorate your design, or make a break from the norm, what design layouts can you use for the benefit of your website?

Illustrations At The Center

Look at your website, is the image at the center of the webpage, or is it at the top, where everybody else’s is located? If you’re looking for a way to meld the experience of the product with the usability of the website, the image of the products or the illustration themselves would be dead center. Look at the Shopify Polaris website, the north star serves as a guiding light!

I also find Cybereason’s layout very interesting with an impactul image that conveys desolation and a certain war environment.

Cybereason Home page in January 2018.

Interactions & Animations

As the amount of interactivity we are experiencing with the internet as a whole has been spearheaded with products like Alexa, looking forward, the marketing companies that are spearheading virtual reality, and comprehensive interaction with the brand means that there has to be a middle ground somewhere. Not everybody is going to be able to afford virtual reality interactions just yet. Getting a website design company to use animations and interactions to make the experience more exciting for the viewer is a great method to improve how people relate to the brand. The downside to interactions and animations is that they can be very distracting, but with subtle techniques, you can direct the viewers’ attention to the important parts of the website.

Floating Menus

Continuing on from the theme of a more interactive experience, a navigation bar that moves as you scroll is one way to aid the user’s experience of the site. If you prefer your navigation bars static, this is definitely a thing of the past, but it’s a question of taste with this. By detaching the navigation from the rest of the site, it’s the one constant that can help everyone when navigating through a website.

Broken Grid Layouts

Certainly, it’s a way to bring a notion of 3d to a 2d screen, the broken grid layouts helps for a more palatable experience. Instead of having everything in its right place, the look of images overlapping creates a more natural, real-life experience, but on your computer screen. It’s a very difficult thing to get right, but once it’s accomplished, it looks beautiful. Mixing your letter form and bitmap with some overlap looks pretty impressive.

Removing The Right Angle

Less corners in 2018! The vast majority of design layouts have consisted of card-based UI’s. They generally tended to be sharp-edged, but lots of apps are softening their corners, making it far easier on the eye, and bridging that gap between the digital world and the real one.

Trends come and go, but as the user demands a more tangible experience with their websites, you could definitely benefit from implementing a few of these.

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