Car hackers.

Image source Just like with everything else in life, cars are becoming more connected than ever. They have smarter features, they celebrate The Internet Of Things, they have far more tech are the hood and, yes, that means they are in danger of being hacked. In fact, it is already happening now. Don’t worry, we’re not at the stage where you need to stop using your car for fear someone will hack it, take over the driving like they are playing GTA V and put you in the kind of personal danger whereby you have to call an auto accident attorney and have possibly theRead More →

Ping screen.

(Image Link) With government organizations under threat, malware being everywhere, and even companies you should be able to trust misusing data, it can be hard to feel safe on the Internet. As a business, this sort of concern is even greater. All of your work will rely on the web, with employees connecting to handle their tasks, and customers using it to buy your goods or services. To help you out with this, this post will be going through one of the most important parts of your company’s internet life; your website. SSL Encryption   When data is sent between two machines, like during aRead More →

Body armor suit.

Picture Credit Running a business is never easy, and it can be a living nightmare when it feels as though you’ve got a whole load of things trying to drag you down all at once. However, if you’re business isn’t properly protected, then there’s a solid chance that those things might well succeed. Is much as it can feel as though you’re holding things together with your bare hands, there are plenty of things that you can do to make sure that your business is both secure and well protected, even at the worst of time. Here are just a few pieces of protection thatRead More →

CCTV cameras.

Business security is something of a nebulous concept. For every security measure that a business owner is able to put in place, there will always be someone else trying to think of a workaround. Protecting their business assets might be one of the top priorities for entrepreneurs, but breaking through that protection is the top priority for many thieves, burglars, and cybercriminals. Such is the way of innovation; it’s not just the good guys who are able to develop new methods. However, before the outlook becomes too despondent, it’s a simple fact that business security is becoming easier and easier. While there is no wayRead More →

DDOS attack map.

DDoS attacks are a substantial threat to websites of all sizes, as evidenced by the numerous organizations affected by DDoS attacks within the past year. These have included major banks in dozens of countries, as well as the large organizations affiliated with the Rio Olympics in 2015. It seems as though no site is fully safe from the threat of DDoS attacks these days, which is why sites of all sizes need to take more proactive measures to protect themselves. By having a better understanding of what DDoS attacks are and how they can be avoided, website owners and administrators can be prepared to preventRead More →

Privacy policy.

All startups are concerned about privacy and data protection. Whether that business is technology dependant or not, all modern businesses are focused on how to ensure solid data security for their business. It is not always easy to know where to start however when looking for the best ways to protect your business data, particularly if you are on a tight budget. Therefore, today we are sharing our top four ways that your startup can ensure data security and privacy so that all you need to focus on is the growth and development of your company. Keeping IT Visible Ensuring that all your staff areRead More →

Oil rig.

Image source In the seven years since world news was dominated by the Deepwater Horizon disaster, more than just a Hollywood blockbuster has been produced to highlight what needed to change, and the most positive has been the arrival of new techniques and technologies. This is likely because we learned two major things from that horrendous event: we need to better contain such spills and we need to improve when it comes to cleaning up polluted waters. The point is this: hopefully, the next time a disaster like this happens, the innovations blow will allow us to severely reduce the impact: Gravity Not Chemicals OneRead More →

Light bulbs.

(Image Link) In the world of business, security is possible one of the most important things you have to consider. The way that you store data and host your website, along with the firewalls and antivirus on your computers, all add up to build a very secure company. But, you don’t have to stop here. To enhance your existing physical measures, this post will be exploring some of the ways light can be used to secure your premises. Of course, though, there wouldn’t be much point if it didn’t tell you how to achieve it yourself. A Deterrent During the act, most criminals are inRead More →

People sitting at plaza.

(Image Link) When talking to most cyber-experts, you’ll probably find the advice to be careful with what you say and do online very common. Of course, this makes sense, as most people don’t want to embarrass themselves. But, it isn’t always your public displays which could get you into trouble. Instead, it’s the things you think you’re sending in private which can have the biggest impact. In the midst of a family break up, your digital life could be displayed for all the world to see. So, it’s important that you understand where you need to be careful. Social media has quickly become one ofRead More →

Iphone 8 security features

Image As most of you will know by now, apple has released the next in a long line of iPhones. The iPhone 8 was released two weeks ago and has already had people buzzing with all of the new features it offers. Of course, today we are going to be looking into the new security features on the iPhone. This year they have stepped up their game from the two-factor authentication of the last generation. There is more on offer than finger recognition this time around. Apple pride themselves on paving the way for a new way to use a smartphone, and they have provenRead More →