The Shocking Reasons Your Online Business Is Missing Out On Sales

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Starting an online business seems like a pretty straightforward idea. It’s much easier than starting a traditional business as there aren’t as many startup costs and you can pretty much get things going in under a month.

Having said that, the online business world is also highly competitive as you compete with other companies all over the world. Consequently, it’s essential that you make the most out of your web traffic and convert as many sales as possible.

Speaking of which, when you have a poor conversion rate, you need to take action ASAP. It just doesn’t make sense; your product is great, but you can’t seem to get many sales. Normally, this is down to these three reasons:

Ineffective Landing Pages

One of the best ways to try and drive traffic to your site is via online adverts. Doing this means you have to set up landing pages – the page people land on when they click your advert. The whole aim of these pages is to point your traffic in the right direction and influence a sale. If your landing pages are good, then they’ll convince loads of your traffic to go ahead and make a purchase. But, if they’re ineffective, then they won’t convince anyone, and you’ll see a high bounce rate. Look at your site stats and see what the bounce rate is when people visit via an advert. If it’s high, then your landing pages might be the problem.

Very Poor Payment System

Payment is everything when it comes to an online business. For starters, if your payment system isn’t secure, then no one will trust your store, and you’ll miss out on customers. Secondly, you need to offer different options such as PayPal integration, etc. We’re also seeing payment gateways like BlueSnap come to fruition as they allow customers to pay in their local currency, reducing any additional charges they might incur. So, if your site gets a fair bit of traffic, but your sales are really poor, then it could be because you have a bad payment system. Work on streamlining it, which gives customers more of an incentive to spend their money.

Not Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that around a third of all e-commerce sales come from mobile users? People will browse the web on their mobile device more than their desktop one nowadays. Consequently, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then you’re missing out on loads of possible sales. Mobile-friendly sites are easy for consumers to use, and they load up nice and quickly. The browsing experience is good, encouraging them to stay on your site for longer. When you haven’t optimized your site for mobile users, then you make their browsing experience bad. So much so that they will leave your website almost immediately when they realize it’s not mobile-friendly.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t allow your online store to miss out on sales. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and you have to convert as much web traffic as possible. If your sales figures are low – but your traffic is fairly decent – then it’s likely your issue is one of the three mentioned above. Sort it out, and watch the sales come in thick and fast!

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