Surveillance cameras on the wall.

Simple Solutions To Make Your Business More Secure

Simple Solutions To Make Your Business More Secure

With technology being such an integral part of business these days, it is important that not only does it work to make our business lives simpler, but also more secure. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, especially if we are unaware of how to use it properly. That is why it’s essential to know about these simple tech solutions to help your business be more secure.

Cloud security

While we are heavily sold on the use of cloud storage for our data, it seems that every week or so there is another incident of hackers getting hold of information that is being stored online.

The problem here is that while there is usually strict protocol for security, especially for business cloud services, technology is changing all the time, and some hackers are ahead of the curve.

Unfortunately, you cannot predict all of the possible ways that someone may be able to gain access to your data online. Therefore a best case scenario is the right way to go. That means checking that your cloud service provider has security that prevents eavesdropping when data is in transmission, that it separates its users, and that there is check in place to stop the cease and corruption of data. You can read some review of the best ones here.

Digital records

Another way that you can make your business more secure is to keep accurate digital records. This can be particularly useful when conducting business mergers and meetings.

This is because a thing can get very heated and complicated, and our memories are not always the most accurate way of recording what happened or what was agreed upon.

Instead, use something like this small digital recorder to make a record of what is going on. Then if there are any queries or haggling about what was agreed, you can easily download the recording to your computer, go back and check.

Digital security systems

Another simple solution to make your business more secure is to install digital security systems such as CCTV and card reading locks. These provide physical security for your business from intruders, as well as being able to keep a quick and easy track of who is in what part of the building at what time.

Obviously, digital CCTV is much easier and cheaper to run than traditional models. Also storing the files isn’t a problem either as they can be housed on a computer, the cloud, or an external hard drive.

Surveillance cameras on the wall.


One thing a secure business must have is good antivirus software. A virus is a malicious computer program designed to do harm to your software in some way. It could delete files, or even hold you to ransom to get you data back.

Obviously, this is something that can severely interfere with productivity and your own security reputation. So getting the best antivirus software across all of your networks is essential. As is training all of your staff on how security including things like using a secure connection for all business work.

Just a regular computer user. I write for regular users like me. When we grow up we are taught basic security tips like how to cross the street. But we are not taught how to take care of ourselves online.