Six Surprising Benefits Of Gaming!

Six Surprising Benefits Of Gaming!

There is so much negative press about gaming and how sustained screen time affects our health in a bad way, it’s easy to overlook the benefits. Gaming has evolved considerably since it became a “thing” in the 1980’s and the realistic graphics and game play is beginning to blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality. This may be seen as a negative, although it does improve the overall experience of gaming. Surprisingly there are benefits to gaming and this article aims to explore them.

The popularity of gaming shows no signs of declining. Games are experienced through consoles, PC’s, portable consoles and smartphones. Gaming PC’s which can accommodate the very best in graphics are constantly being updated, play Real Racing 3 on your PC using the latest hardware and software to ensure you achieve the best quality gaming experience.

Here are some surprising benefits to gaming.

Improves vision

We grew up being told that screen time is bad for your eyes, however recent research has shown that the opposite is true. Different colours and shapes can be distinguished more accurately by gamers and people with a squint have shown improvement when their good eye is covered whilst playing games. Eye problems related to the brightness of the screen can be counteracted with regular breaks and lens coatings.

Improves concentration

Focusing on tasks necessary for the completion of quests increases a person’s ability to concentrate and solve problems. Gaming enhances hand/eye coordination and is even recommended for surgeons!  Research has shown that errors are lower during surgical procedures if a surgeon plays games for more than three hours a week.

Increases social interaction

With the invention of multiplayer gaming options, the image of the solitary gamer spending hours in isolation is dispelled. Gamers regularly get the chance to chat and game with their friends through using headsets, microphones and multiplay options. Many people often meet up in “real life“ too. It’s a new form of socialising, but it’s still meeting up with friends, just not in the traditional sense.

Increases ability to make fast decisions

Gaming requires quick thinking in order to complete tasks. This ability to act quickly can be utilised in real life situations.

Develops an interest

Many of the most popular games are themed. This can spark an interest in a particular subject, inspiring people to learn more about a particular era in time, sport or country. Games like assassin’s creed have a strong historical element. Historical events and periods of time are brought to life.

Develops language and imagination

Games incorporate the written word frequently whilst conveying information, this can increase reading ability in a child as they “need” to learn to read in order to find out how to complete the game. The desire to read is half the battle.

Many of the games that are popular focus on fantasy worlds, which can help to inspire a child to use their imagination.

There are many more benefits to gaming and as long as a person or child doesn’t spend 24 hours a day gaming, there are positive aspects to the gaming experience.    


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