Soon You’ll Be Able To Churn Out New Apps Like They’re Blogs

cell phone screens.

Things are getting easier in business. Whereas once you had to build up your own mailing lists through a long and painful process, today you can just buy them online. And whereas once you had to do all your own computing in-house, now there are literally hundreds of cloud computing companies out there more than happy to take over the management and operation of your network for you.

But these aren’t the only things that have gotten easier with time. So too has creating the humble app. Go back ten years, and companies could easily pay more than $2 million to get an app developed. Today, it’s about one hundred times cheaper, and that’s if you go bespoke.

What it means is that companies are now able to customize the user experience in ways that were never thought possible. With the rise of the mobile app platform, practically every aspect of a customer’s digital interaction with your firm can be customized in the way you would like. No more browser restrictions: nothing – just pure customer funneling down the rabbit hole to conversion.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, there are dozens of companies successfully using mobile apps already.

Be Constantly Visible

The biggest problem in marketing is getting exposure. With so much competition for customers’ attention, you can quite easily get lost in the noise. But apps change all that. According to data, Americans spend more than 2 hours every day just staring at their smartphones. Thus, if you manage to get customers to download your mobile app onto their phones, you’re almost guaranteed to make your brand a daily part of their lives. Even if your app isn’t being used all the time, just having it there helps to create an unconscious recognition of your brand.

Provide Customers With Value

The best apps are those that both sell your product and provide customers with additional value. It’s not enough just to provide clients with a showcase of your products: they need extra incentives to use your apps.

But what could those additional incentives be? Clothing companies use mobile apps all the time as a surrogate to their regular, browser-based ecommerce sites. Yes, they offer additional functionality that isn’t possible inside the browser. But they also provide a platform for users to socialize.

It sounds superfluous, but it’s actually a great idea. Creating a community around your clothing range is an excellent way to keep people logging onto your app and engaging with your brand, even when they’re not making purchases. Just seeing how other people are using your product could inspire them to do business with you again.

Do What Your Competitors Aren’t

Do your competitors offer an app to customers? For most industries, the answer is “no.” And it’s because of this that the reasons for developing your own app should be all the more compelling. Customers will see you as forward-thinking and admire your approach. Even if you’re a small business, the emergence of new app platforms is making it much easier and cheaper to hop on the app bandwagon. Soon they’ll be as easy to churn out as blogs.

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