Startup Costs: Technology to the Rescue

Startup costs tend to be pretty daunting; thankfully, the rise of business technology is making the process much more affordable for budding entrepreneurs all over the world. We’re going to take a look at the ways in which technology can be used to help small businesses grow without breaking any banks.

Seeking funds through crowdsourcing

There are all sorts of stories out there about people who managed to fund the crazy idea in their head by turning to platformers such as Kickstarter and convincing members of the public to open their wallets. Crowdfunding has become a very useful platform for many ventures over the years, offering an often lucrative alternative to angel investors and other such ‘suits’.

3D Cloud Computing

A lot of business owners seem to be hesitant to use the likes of Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Headstart, and FundRazr, though. Many of them don’t see these platforms as ways of getting serious businesses off the ground. But this article shows that there’s probably a crowdfunding platform out there that will be more than suitable for your sort of venture.

Cheaper tech access through outsourcing

Hands down, outsourcing is one of the best ways in which startups can save a lot of money. But the way in which this pertains specifically to technology isn’t just found in the fact that online communication has made finding the right outsourcing service for you much easier than it used to. Outsourcing also makes it much easier for you to get access to otherwise expensive technology. It works both ways, you see.

There are loads of business processes out there that are being outsourced to agencies with more skilled employees and access to more advanced technology. As this blog shows, business owners in pretty much all fields can take advantage of this sort of thing; it’s especially useful for manufacturing or production startups. You can also use outsourcing to get access to bigger, securer, and more advanced servers and software for businesses that are a little more office-and-computer oriented.

Cloud computing and open-source software

Technically, cloud computing can be seen as a way of outsourcing server needs for the majority of businesses that use them. After all, using the likes of Google Drive means that you have less of a need of large amounts of storage space to be set up locally. There’s no denying that the likes of Google Drive and many other cloud-based services are helping startups save a lot of money, with basic business functions such as presentations, spreadsheets, and quality word processing not costing a thing.

Of course, cloud-based work requires a constant Internet connection, so it’s not always the best thing to lean on. Thankfully, there are also free offline solutions when it comes to useful business software. The likes of OpenOffice are preferred over Microsoft Office suites even by many businesses that have the money to pay for Office licenses for their employees. As this website highlights, there are such solutions for many areas of business. If you need software, then scour the Internet for an open source version of a popular but expensive product you’re eyeing.

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