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Stop Getting Digital Marketing Wrong

Stop Getting Digital Marketing Wrong


Marketing is a necessity for any business; you won’t get many (or any) customers if you don’t. However, many of us are making the same mistakes time after time, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Three of the key mistakes are listed below. Do any of them relate to you?

Mistake #1: Leaving huge gaps between marketing campaigns

After working on your marketing campaign, you may be tempted to rest on your laurels as the customers and profits pour on. And for a time you may have success. However, your customers are fickle people. You need to remind them that you exist, as well as finding ways to attract new people over to your business. Therefore, our message is this: Don’t stop marketing! Using the newsletter templates at, remind your customers of your existence through email marketing. Drop them a line on social media. Continually push special offers to new and existing customers. Keep in touch with consumer demand and change your marketing strategy as you do so. Keep pushing the word out there, as your profits will eventually dry up if you don’t.

Mistake #2: Not keeping in touch with SEO practices

SEO is both a blessing and a curse. On the positive side of things, the effective use of SEO can propel your business into the higher rankings of Google (other search engines are available), but it can be a pain to keep up with. As we discussed in one of our previous articles,, staying up to date with Google’s algorithm changes is both tiresome and frustrating. They make around 500 updates every year, and some of them can play havoc with your SEO. For that reason, we recommended the use of a specialist SEO agency to help you stay current, although you can also keep up to date by reading Google’s own webmaster blog to find out the relevant changes you need to be aware of.

Mistake #3: Not using social media the right way

The clue is in the title: Social Media. You need to be social. So, don’t just broadcast your product or service on the social networks you use. Actively connect with the people using them, whether they are followers of yours or anybody previously unrelated to your business. Engage with people, listen to their feedback, answer any questions, and yes, practice your best sales pitch on them. The other mistake people make with social media is only focussing on the biggies – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – and forgetting the many other social networks out there, including LinkedIn, and Google+. You need to reach people where they are, and that includes using some of the more niche platforms out there that may be specifically relevant to your business. There is a comprehensive list here,, so do your research and put more than a few of them into your digital marketing strategy.

Final word

Stop getting digital marketing wrong! If any of the mistakes we mentioned relate to you, then now is the time to put things right. And if you find yourself out of your depth, hire somebody who can. Your success in business hinges on it.

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