Last year in May, the TechRepublic reported that Windows 10 was officially running 300 million devices. This number put the company right on the track to reach its target of getting their operating system on 1 billion devices worldwide by the end of 2018. The number is quite impressive. For instance, roughly 350 million licenses of Windows 7 were sold in 18 months, while W10 managed to surpass 300 million licenses in just short nine months. And yes, the number of PC users has grown considerably in the last couple of years – the fact is – the numbers don’t increase with each new OS.Read More →

Computer security has always been a confusing topic to understand. For people that are new to computers it starts with understanding what a virus is. Probably because they named it a virus. People tend to associate to what we biologically know as a virus. “Do we pass it to our computers?” Something that is harmful. But computer viruses weren’t deemed viruses because they were only harmful but also because they could replicate. Past the “understanding the concept” phase, one that gets interested in the topic is faced with the question: how secure is enough? How safe am I? That question probably does not have anRead More →

Sophos is a leading provider of corporate endpoint security, and its line of security products are aimed at SMBs  and Enterprises with 10 to 500 users or more. What makes the company unusual among its main competitors – McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro and Kaspersky, is that Sophos concentrates its efforts on the business market segment and does not offer products for domestic consumers. The result is the name of the Sophos be less well known outside the circles of corporate IT than these four vendors of security. Aside from a strictly business philosophy, Sophos also involves making your security product as simple as possible for users.Read More →