There are still many in the world underestimating the impact that cryptocurrencies are making. Besides the sheer amount of money they have made those lucky initial investors in the most profitable platforms, they are proving a lot more than an investment option. Here, we’re going to look at some of the ways that crypto, and the blockchain technology that comes along with it, is already starting to make ripples in the business world. Picture Future funding The fundraising stage of a business lifecycle is one of the hardest. However, cryptocurrencies could play a large role in furthering the growth of an already emerging option: crowdfunding.Read More →

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Image Credit: Pexels Though cryptocurrencies may not yet be the mainstream, they are still rapidly gaining popularity around the world. They can now be used to buy and sell, and like other currencies, can be traded on the day market too, providing that you have large enough sums to make it worth your while. Like many ways to get rich, there is risk involved and this day trade can really be all or nothing. If you would like to start trading in cryptocurrencies, and have already traded in currencies before, there won’t be much of an issue switching from one to the other. The principlesRead More →