Image source The past year or so has seen the increase in interest and participation in eSports, and it is a trend that is set to continue throughout this year and beyond – you only have to look at the amazing accomplishments made in esports in the last year to see that. What accomplishments? First of all, the fact that 12 teams were signed up to the Overwatch League where they played in the world’s first global league based on city locations. Then, there was the fact that some of the biggest names in sports ownership invested in that league, including Jeff Wilpon of theRead More →

The Californian University, UC Irvine will be the first public university to launch an e-sports initiative, according to an announcement by the school this Wednesday, March 31st. The initiative will include scholarships for student athletes to compete in the League of Legends collegiate league. The team will be playing on UC Irvine’s own esports stage, built for specifically for the program, which includes a slew of high level PCs and a studio for casters. Riot Games has pledged their support for the program, although it’s somewhat unclear as to what they will be doing specifically. “We’re honored to work with UCI to create a permanentRead More →