There is so much negative press about gaming and how sustained screen time affects our health in a bad way, it’s easy to overlook the benefits. Gaming has evolved considerably since it became a “thing” in the 1980’s and the realistic graphics and game play is beginning to blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality. This may be seen as a negative, although it does improve the overall experience of gaming. Surprisingly there are benefits to gaming and this article aims to explore them. The popularity of gaming shows no signs of declining. Games are experienced through consoles, PC’s, portable consoles and smartphones. Gaming PC’sRead More →

Image via Pixabay You could make a really compelling argument that video games are one of the most dynamic artforms to come about over the entire course of human history. Seriously, think about it. From ancient fireside tales which relied entirely on the imagination of the listeners, to the more in-depth world of novels, and finally TV and film, no other method of storytelling has managed to be truly interactive in the way that gaming is. In that sense, it’s more like stepping into a world of adventure, rather than glancing into it. The weird and wonderful status of gaming isn’t just limited to story-drivenRead More →