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Tech Advances To Help Managers

Tech Advances To Help Managers

Being a manager – whatever industry you’re in – is never easy.

It feels like it should be. You’re pretty much at the top of the tree; only the boss is in charge of you. You have freedom to create a working environment that lines up with your own vision. There’s no one breathing down your neck and as far as decisions go, your word is law.

Sure, those are nice – but management is also stressful, exhausting, and complicated. You have to juggle the human needs of your staff with the productivity needs of the company. You have to be nice, but not too nice or you will be taken advantage of. It’s a minefield – which is why all managers should be exploring tech advances that can help make the job easier. Tech advantages such as…

1) Tracking Software

If an employee is sitting at their desk and is typing, it would be nice to assume they’re hard at work. The reality – as any manager will know – is very different. While they might be working, they also might be emailing their aunt or writing an update on their blog.

The only way to be sure that employees are working when they say they are is with tracking software. Most of the time, you can track what an employee does on their computer and then discard the information. However, this information becomes useful if you suspect someone is not working as they should; you can then check the records. If they aren’t working as hard as they claim, then you have evidence – rather than just a gut feeling – to present to the worker.

2) Evaluation Software

As a manager, you’re often going to be expected to be able to focus on many different areas all at once. This is impossible, which is why you should explore evaluation software to do some of the work for you.

It’s not easy to pick the kind of software you want, given the myriad of options available. Deciding between Sap vs Epicor is probably going to be the biggest call you have to make, so take time to consider the options for both and see which best suits your company. When it’s up and running, any manager will be able to have thorough evaluation on productivity and resources whenever they want. Get into the habit of browsing through the previous day’s report before you begin work every morning; it will give you a guiding hand on where you need to focus yourself for the next few days.

3) Cloud Document Storage

Okay, let’s be realistic: if the business you work for is still needing to email documents between departments or using USB sticks for storage, then it’s outdated. Switching to a cloud management system is incredibly useful. Even basics like Google Drive can help to coordinate projects from a central system.

If you’re not taking advantage of the cloud as a manager, then you’re quickly going to find yourself struggling to cope with all the information you have to process through other means. Convincing your boss that a switch is needed is imperative, so sharpen up your negotiating skills and see how much of this – and the above – you can persuade them to implement! 

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