How Tech Is Bringing Businesses Closer to Their Customers Than Ever Before

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Without customers, businesses would not be businesses. Without customers businesses would make no money. They would make no profit. They would be nothing. So, it’s vital that customers are both reached and retained by businesses, and it’s pivotal that this happens every single day. And do you know what is helping this to happen in the modern world? Yep, you guessed it, tech.

To see just how tech and what tech is bringing businesses closer to their customers than ever before, make sure to read on.

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Tech is making businesses reachable

Technology has broken down many barriers and doors that once stood between businesses and their customers, that much is for certain. Yes, now more than ever businesses are reachable for their customers and this only brings the two entities far closer together.

The piece of tech that is the leader in this reachability is social media. Yes, social media might not be tech itself but it is induced by the Internet, which itself cannot be accessed without accessing tech, so therefore it is tech! Okay, maybe social media is more of an offspring of tech, but it is still number one when it comes to making businesses far more reachable in the modern day. And how it does it is, of course, very simple. It gives businesses the chance to act colloquially when it comes to contacting and reacting to their customers, thus making everything about the business seem human — and seeming human is always a very good thing for a business. What’s more, social media gives anybody with access to the Internet, which is most people, the opportunity to contact a business with ease and for free, thus making the business process far simpler and far easier. So, yes social media is the number one force in the forging of reachability between business and customer, and you’d be wise to take full advantage of it!

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Tech is allowing businesses the chance to ‘put a face to the name’

As touched upon, seeming human is something that can and will benefit all businesses if they can attain it. And, the best way to do this is to actually put faces to names. Yes, actually showing the faces and the working procedures that make a certain business the business that is is something all customers want to see as it stops them from seeing the business as a mindless corporation. So, get putting some faces to some names!

A good way to do this, as previously mentioned, is to create a social media page for yourself and to react with customers personally using a page that displays your own face — yes, even the boss should display his or her own face. But, social media isn’t the only tech tool that you can use in this venture. No, another piece of tech that will allow you to put faces to names and ultimately bring you closer to your customers is video technology. You see, when you record a video of your business going about its everyday business, with all of its employees in the video showcasing this, you will give your customers an insight into both how you do your work and who does this work. And this is vital if you want to break down the walls that have stood between business and customer for years.

Tech is allowing businesses to remain ‘in the pockets’ of their customers

In order to forge a successful bout of business between a business and a customer of theirs, the former must not just settle for providing a one-off service or a one-time piece of work. No, businesses should always be doing all they can to induce more and more custom from a customer, and maybe even induce it from this customer’s friends and colleagues, too. And, the best way to do this (other than providing an amazing service, of course) is to stay in the customer’s pocket long after their dealings with the business are over because this will give them something to remember the business by.

And to do this, you should turn to tech. Specifically, you should turn to mobile app development tech and the professionals that wield it in order to have an app created for your business that will be downloadable for your customers. By doing so you will give your business the best chance possible of remaining ‘in the pocket’ and in the view of the customer, and as long as this happens you will always have a far better chance of seeing this customer return to you with more custom. Plus, this customer of yours may even take to showing your app to others that they know, and this would only ever result in an increased chance to garner even more custom for yourself. So, create yourself an app, make it available for your customers, and see these customers (along with their friends) return to you for years to come as a result.

Keep your customers close online.

Technology is  changing trade as we know it, so make sure you are embracing online payments

Online transaction isn’t something new, you can see e-commerce sites, online shopping sites and Internet banking sites are everywhere on the web and talking about transferring money through the Internet, it’s important to know more online payment services rather than just PayPal so that you’ll have choices when in need. Today we’ve rounded up 7 reliable global payment processing services similar to PayPal which can help you to transfer, receive and even request money in the safe and easy way

All these Popular Services changed online transactions and are thus one of the most important Internet activities. From online sales transactions that allow a small business in India to sell across the globe to a customer in Canada, online payments make life easier for everyone. Ecommerce, B2B, sports betting sites, access to media content, etc… all that can be paid through an online transaction. and its affiliate sites is a popular betting outlet that takes advantage of more than one payment method to allow people to bet and make money online.

PayPal is the most widely used payment processing services on the Web. Users can connect the service with their local bank account. In the event that this option is not available in certain countries, credit card or debit card can be used instead. Once you’ve chosen the payment method and established the connection, you can send, receive or even request payment with it.

Google Wallet a very convenient app that stores your credit and debit cards on your Android phone. It’s like your digital wallet where you can pay by tapping the back of your mobile phone to a NFC point of sale terminal at checkout. When it comes to online shopping, you can use Google Wallet to check out at any online merchants with “Google Wallet Buy” button.

Amazon Payments is a very good PayPal alternative. It allows you to send and receive money from other users around the world. With AP account, you can add fund from your credit card or bank account, and make purchases on online merchants. When it comes to online business, Amazon customers can buy items from your site by using the payment details and shipping addresses stored in their Amazon accounts to complete the purchase.

Payoneer is a pretty unique financial service where you can send and receive money through re-loadable prepaid MasterCard.

Payza is another payment platform you can use to transfer money, make online payment and get paid from other users in over 190 countries. You can easily transfer fund to Payza from your local bank account or credit cards.

Square is another popular and very interesting payment processing service. To use the service, you need a little gadget that plugs into the headphone jack on your smartphone to read credit cards and accept payments. Square’s fee structure is very straight forward; it charges a standard 2.75% for every transaction.

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