Technology To Prevent Businesses Most Fatal Mistakes

Cup spilled on paper.

All businesses need technology in place to prevent some of the most fatal mistakes that can occur. All businesses face challenges and threats, no matter the size, and it’s more important than ever in this day and age to be aware of them. Here we have the technology you need to prevent some of the most fatal mistakes imaginable.


CCTV might seem like an obvious one, but some businesses still scrimp on this and don’t believe that it’s necessary. The truth is, you’d rather get CCTV now, than later when something actually happens and prompts you to get it. CCTV can catch a criminal in the act, help to support a claim, and even protect your employees. Failing to install CCTV is a fatal mistake indeed.

Alarm Systems

There are all kinds of alarm systems you can install, depending on what you want them to do. For example, there are alarm systems that can only be shut off with a code, and will call the authorities if they are not shut off within a certain time frame. This can be a great help if you feel your business could be a target of thieves.

Anti Virus Software

Anti virus software is something that needs to be checked over and updated regularly. If it isn’t, then you’ll likely find your computers and laptops riddled with bugs and susceptible to hackers. You absolutely need to perform the correct checks regularly, and ensure that you have the most up to date version of the virus software for your computer.

Up To Date Appliances

Having up to date appliances within your business is crucial, whether you’re looking at a coffee maker or an integral part of your business that allows employees to do their jobs. You can only know for sure if these appliances are safe by testing and tagging them – you can find information on this using pages like Once your appliances are tested and tagged, it’s up to you to perform regular checks and maintenance to ensure they stay that way.

Strong Authentication On Every System

It’s important that you don’t just have a password, but an authentication system. This way, a code sent to an employee’s device, such as a smartphone, and they can then type in this code to access a system. This is much safer, as a hacker would would also need to intercept this as well as the password, and this is going to be a struggle for them.

The Cloud

Storing information on the cloud is the future, but you need to make sure you know how they will handle the information you store. Speak with companies, as well as cloud security brokers to encrypt the data if it’s extra sensitive. This means sensitive data can be protected before it is stored in the cloud, and intruders won’t be able to understand it if the data is stolen.

Use this technology to protect your business from fatal mistakes!  

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