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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Office PC?

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Office PC?


If your PC is old or has low specs, it could be slowing down your workflow. If you’ve been recently shouting at the screen because your computer keeps crashing or takes forever to load, here are some ways to upgrade your computer and be free of these problems.

Boost your memory

It’s likely your workplace computer will need a lot of memory – both RAM and disk space. Upgrading your RAM will allow your computer to open up more files at once and increase general performance. This could involve installing new hardware of getting rid of background processes that aren’t needed. For freeing up disk space, you’re best off storing less files on your desktop and more on the cloud or on a local server. There are plenty of cloud storage services out there.

Step up your screen

Staring at a tiny screen can cause eye strain. Experimenting with different screen resolutions could help to make work easier on the eyes. 4K monitors are the latest craze offering the sharpest quality available, but are expensive. Opting for multiple monitors may also help some people, limiting having to switch between tabs by allowing you to have multiple pages open on different screens.

Get set up for Skype calls

If you take Skype calls or use a computer-based telephone service, it could be time to upgrade your means of communication. Headsets may be useful in a busy office, or for privacy when you don’t want others hearing your conversation. However, for those that have their own office or aren’t concerned with privacy, getting a good-quality microphone to prop on your desk and decent speakers could allow for clearer and more comfortable conversations. You should also try adopting a high-quality camera for video calls. Sharper quality will make your company come across more professional.  

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Go portable

Desktop computers aren’t suited to everyone nowadays. If your work requires you to be out of the office a lot, a laptop may be better suited for working on the move. You may even find that a tablet is better suited (you won’t need to prop it anywhere like a laptop). Apps have even made most work phone-friendly nowadays. Of course, few people want to be running a business solely from the tiny screen of their phone, however it could be worth experimenting with different devices so that you’re not restricted to your desk.

Clean up your software

There are plenty of ways you could be upgrading your software – too many to list off. However, some key points are worth noting when it comes to programmes. Buy the best digital security software you can and keep it regularly updated. This will prevent viruses from slowing down your computer. Email spam filters can make your computer extra secure. Try getting rid of excess programmes that could be slowing your computer down and shop around for business software that consolidate all your admin and work organisation into one place. You could even pay a software development company to create your own custom software. Also, as mentioned earlier, start using a cloud programme and stop storing files on your computer – this will up your computer’s speed further by freeing up disk space.   

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