The Secret To Turning Deals And Offers Into Sales

Coca Cola sign.

When Coca Cola introduced the first coupon in the late 1800’s, they had no idea just how influential the idea would be. These days, almost all companies use deals and offers of some kind to drive sales. Everybody loves a good deal and the time constraints that you put on it encourage customers to buy now rather than later. One of the biggest problems that online retailers face is cart abandonment, with customers leaving around 70 percent of online carts without buying the products. That’s a huge percentage but deals and offers can bring that down by a huge amount.  But none of this works if nobody knows about the offers. It’s all good and well setting up a great sale to draw in customers, but advertising it properly is the key to seeing results from it. Having the ‘build it and they will come’ attitude about deals and offers means you won’t see a return. Have your recent offers gone unnoticed? It’s probably because you been using these promotional techniques to get the word out.

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Existing Customers

Existing customers are the most likely to take advantage of any deals and offers that you have on, so they should always be your first port of call. If they’re already prone to buying your products then they will buy big quantities during a sale because, from their point of view, they’ll buy the products eventually so they may as well get them while they’re cheap. Advertising to your existing customers is also a very cost effective way of spreading the word because it’s likely that you’ll already have an email address list for them. All you need to do is send out an email detailing the offer. Giving them exclusive access before rolling out the offer to the general public will also help you to inspire loyalty from your customers.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is fast becoming one the most relevant forms of marketing for obvious reasons. Why place an ad where a potential customer might see it when you can send it directly to their pocket and guarantee that you reach the people that you are aiming for? SMS gateway services are a great way to send automatic text alerts to existing and potential customers about any offers and deals that you’ve got going.  

Placing ads on mobile apps is another great way to reach people, and it gives you more flexibility about the type of customer that you target. As long as you choose apps that aim for a similar demographic to your business, you should maximise the amount of leads that are converted into sales.

Affiliate Marketing

Teaming up with another company to boost both of your sales is a brilliant strategy, as long as you choose well. The most common form of affiliate marketing is review websites. You can get them to review the products that you’ve got on sale, and pay them a small commission every time they direct somebody to your site. Online reviews are one of the main ways that customers decide whether they should buy a product or not and they trust them far more than anything that you tell them about your product.

When you’re setting up a new offer, always put enough of your resources into advertising the offer, otherwise, you won’t see any return from it.

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