Using Technology To Improve Customer Relations

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If you want your business to be as successful as possible, you will need to spend a fair amount of time thinking about the customer. As long as the customer is happy, you don’t need to worry about the future of your business. However, keeping the customer happy can be a tricky business all on its own, and it is notoriously hard to keep up on a daily basis. If you are serious about improving your customer relations, however, you will want to approach it from all angles – and one angle which really counts is technology. Is your business using technology to its fullest in order to keep your relationship with the customer a happy one? Let’s find out.

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Effective Marketing With Humanity

There are a number of ways in which you communicate with your customers, and it is worth taking a closer look at one which is often overlooked in this regard: marketing. With your marketing of your company, you want it to be effective enough that plenty of people want to use your service. However, it is just as important to ensure that it remains compassionate towards the customer. You need to try and retain a sense of humanity with your marketing, or else people simply won’t appreciate it. Fortunately, technology can help you to do just that.

One particularly innovative way that technology can help you out on both these fronts is by using a system for marketing which takes care of it for you. You can click here to find out more about an example of such a system, in which email marketing is taken care of in an easy and effective manner. This also ensures that your customer will not feel spammed, and that is one of the most important factors to consider when you are thinking about marketing. If you want to market effectively and with humanity, using technology in the right way might well be the best step forward. But marketing is just one aspect of how you communicate with your customers, and not necessarily the most vital.

Keeping Customers Up To Date

Your customer usually wants to know what’s going on at all times. If they ever feel out of the loop, this can easily and quickly lead to a feeling of not really being appreciated or respected by the business. It is also in your interests to ensure that your customer knows what’s going on as much as possible. Technology can be hugely useful in helping you to keep your customer as up to date as possible, and it is something you will definitely want to think about if you are concerned with your customer relations.

One of the best ways to keep your customers informed is to use email lists. This can act as a kind of digital newsletter, or it could be even more personal than that. Generally, the former is better for general information, and the latter for information regarding the customer in question, their account or purchases and so on. Another easy and common way to use technology to keep customers in the know is to simply have an informative website and keep it updated on a regular basis. This is effective and easy to do, and might be the single best way to ensure that all of your customers are taken into consideration in one fell swoop.

Netsuite CRM software platform.

Soliciting Feedback

Even more important than letting your customers know what’s going on is asking their opinion on what you are doing. You can be sure that your customers will always have opinions on the service you are providing, so it is a good idea to do what you can to find that out from them regularly. Using this feedback, you can improve your service and products in future, and ensure that your customers do not have much to complain about. Clearly, this is best for everyone – but how do you ensure that your technology is helping you to solicit this feedback?

The main thing is that technology will help your customers to contact your business at any time which is suitable for them, rather than just during business hours. Using your website or an email form, they can tell you what they think whenever they like, and you might find that this encourages more honesty. This honesty is what you want, as with it you can hope to make your business much better than ever before.

Social Media

Social media deserves its own section simply because it can be used to do almost anything that you might need to do. No matter which of the many customer relations goals you are trying to achieve, you can be sure that the right use of social media can help you to do it. It is a good idea to have a dedicated team whose job it is to take care of your social media feeds. This will ensure a much more brand-loyal digital marketing, more effective and friendlier communication with customers, and a better response ration to customer’s requests, many of which will come through sites like Twitter these days. Using social media correctly might well make all the difference to your business.

Fairness – Pricing & Beyond

Your customers want to be treated fairly, and this too can be aided by the proper use of technology. If you find that you need to focus on improving your pricing, then you can find price analysis software to help you do just that. Using the software rather than trying to analyze it yourself will save you heaps of time, and ensure that your pricing is always in line with other businesses, immediately. This makes for a much more efficient and likable service for your customers.

Using technology in the right way can massively and instantly improve your customer relations. This is worth remembering if you ever find your business struggling to deal with customers properly. Done right, it could make all the difference.

CRM software

CRM software or Customer Relationship Management tools are enormous databases of customer and prospects info that allow salespeople to keep in touch with their prospects. These are a few examples of CRM software: Netsuite, Capterra has an interesting comparison between tools,, and Zoho, an open source CRM.

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