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Utterly Confused By Modern Business Technology?

Utterly Confused By Modern Business Technology?

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If you’re finding it hard to get to grips with modern business tech, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. 95% of businesses find modern business technological advancements complex and confusing.

Staying up to date with the latest tech is vital for any company that wants to keep a hold on the market. New technology is constantly making things faster and more cost-efficient for businesses. Things are only going to get worse in the future for those businesses that refuse embrace the digital age.  If you’ve been a technophobe up until now or are simply getting tired keeping up, here are a few ways in which you can make modern business tech less intimidating.

Take a course

There are plenty of IT courses that can help to gain a better understanding. These may include specific digital skills that you want to learn such as social media marketing, SEO, digital accounting or even web development. Alternatively, you may want to take a more general IT course that could even include the basics of digital business such as doing book-keeping on a computer or creating an online presence. You may even want to improve an aspect of your business such as digital security with a workshop from a company such as There are courses that are a week and even a day long, whilst there are others that can be completed online. Think of your weakness when it comes to modern technology whether it be cloud computing or social media and look for a course in your area.

Outsource your IT

If you’d rather not deal with the complexities of digital technology, you could outsource an IT support technician who can constantly be on call to help you. There are many companies such as that offer these services. Such companies can give tips on digital security, help to fix bugs and glitches efficiently and find new ways of running your business more efficiently with technology.

Create your own custom software

Instead of having lots of different types of software for different admin purposes, why not create your own custom software that puts everything in one place. There are software development companies out there that can build software to your specs. By having a say in what this software includes, you’ll have a better understanding of how to use it.

Watch video tutorials

Youtube is full of videos on how to use various programmes and how to do various digital tasks. Using this free resource can be a great way of learning basic skills yourself. It could be worthwhile if you’re embarrassed to ask for help on something you fear may be relatively simple.

Subscribe to business tech news

Business tech is constantly evolving and the best way to keep abreast of it is to keep tabs on business tech news. This could involve following a business tech news blog on social media or it could involve subscribing to a physical magazine and having it posted to your office to peruse through on your lunch break.

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