Why Your Visitors Aren’t Staying Long Enough

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There are a huge number of different factors and parameters that you are probably hoping to achieve when it comes to your website. One of the main ones, which all website owners are usually hoping for, is for the bounce rate to decrease. This is the amount of people who come to visit your website but then leave without really staying to see what it’s all about. As you can appreciate, to get this rate lower it is necessary to try and encourage people that your website is worthwhile – and that takes a lot more work than you might think. In this article, we are going to look at some of the things you can do to make your bounce ratio a little better.

Raise Expectations – But Meet Them

Whatever function your website serves, you need to make sure that it is actually fulfilling that need. The truth is, there are a range of different functions that any one website might need to have, and it is vital that you know full well what yours is aiming to do. You should be clear and upfront on the purpose of your website so that visitors can know what to expect. But what’s just as important: you should make sure that you actually meet those expectations, too. This is often the hardest part, but it should be simple if you just focus on actually delivering what you set out to do. There’s nothing more frustrating than wading through a site only to discover it doesn’t have what you were expecting to find -so make sure you don’t lead your visitors astray.

Make It Easy To Navigate

You shouldn’t be expecting your visitors to have to have a hard time in trying to find their way through your website. One of the most common causes of a high bounce rate is when the website is just designed in such a way that it is not easy to navigate. To remedy this, you obviously need to focus strongly on your website structure, but you should also aim to limit the amount of visual stuff which might just get in the way. You might find that simplifying your site, both on the outside and internally, will help to make it easier to navigate – and this will certainly encourage people to stick around a little while longer, compared to if it is near-impossible to wade through.

Avoid Annoyances

If there is anything that puts people off straight away, it’s when you bombard them with pop-ups and attempts to click through too early. If you allow them a chance to get to know what is going on in your website first, you might find that they will happily sign up for your newsletter. But if you do this straight away, it’s rare that people will appreciate it. Avoid annoyances of these kinds if you want your visitors to stay on your site, and return at another time. Remember that their time is precious, and it’s up to you not to waste it.

Max Francisco has been doing digital projects in Brazil and the US for the last 15 years.