Want To Make Money From Your Website? These Are The Features You Need

Make money online drawing.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a large or a small business, you have visited this article for one reason. You want to make money! Well, either that or you clicked the wrong link by mistake. Thanks to new technologies and software tools, there are some features that will drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales. Interested? Of course you are, especially if you have been struggling to utilise your website effectively. However, your site still needs to be user-friendly, so don’t add any features that will put off possible customers. Pop-ups anyone?


Here are the features you should consider adding to your website.

An RSS Feed

If you don’t have the time or motivation to constantly update your customer or fan base of updates to your site, then you need an RSS feed. Provided the person is using an RSS reader, they will be updated with the latest information and offers you have on your website. Every time you make a change, they will know about it, without them having to visit your site on a regular basis to find out what you or your business is up to. Therefore, as soon as you have a new item to sell or a special offer available, past visitors will be prompted to find out more and hopefully buy from you again.

Social networking tools

Not only can you get paid through Facebook or Twitter advertising, but you can also add social media buttons to your website that will connect visitors to your various accounts. Then, whenever you update your social media with news of your products, you will have a legion of followers ready to follow a link to your website and spend their cash. Not only that, but you should encourage them to post your links to their followers, perhaps with some kind of special offer incentive for spreading the word about you.

A Media Gallery

You need to showcase your product, and there is a range of online media you can take advantage of. High-resolution photographs are a must, and your photo gallery should include the product taken from different angles to give the customer a better look at what is on offer. Then include videos, perhaps with a media host such as YouTube, and offer a tutorial on your product. Then consider testimonials. Many websites display quotes from customers, but go one better and provide a video of your customer raving about your product on screen.

Responsible use of advertisements

As you will know from your own internet use, advertisements can be a nuisance. However, a carefully placed ad will add to your revenue stream from an affiliate programme, and you could agree to only advertise third-party products that are complementary to your service. So, not only will you make money by hosting ads but you may make extra revenue when the customer sees the value in how your product works hand in hand with the advertisers.

A call-to-action button

Similar to the RSS feeds mentioned earlier, a call-to-action button is what it says on the tin. You want the user to buy from you?  Display a brightly coloured ‘buy now’ button. Want them to subscribe to your newsletter? Again, have a button that demands their attention. Create a sense of urgency, such as ‘Buy Today to get 50% off’ and you will drastically improve your click rates. In short, if you want the user to do something, catch their attention and encourage them to do it!

Final thoughts

These are just some of the features we think you will find useful. However, as we stated earlier, don’t overwhelm your visitor with features, as you will put them off. Only use those that are relevant to your service, and you will have a greater chance of making money from your site.

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