Ways tech is trying to catch up on its main flaw: security

CCTV cameras.

Business security is something of a nebulous concept. For every security measure that a business owner is able to put in place, there will always be someone else trying to think of a workaround. Protecting their business assets might be one of the top priorities for entrepreneurs, but breaking through that protection is the top priority for many thieves, burglars, and cybercriminals. Such is the way of innovation; it’s not just the good guys who are able to develop new methods.

However, before the outlook becomes too despondent, it’s a simple fact that business security is becoming easier and easier. While there is no way to ever keep a business 100 percent safe, 100 percent of the time, technology and innovation have meant that the modern business owner can be more confident than ever of the robustness of their security.

For a more detailed evaluation of why this is the case, and how it can be applied in a modern business, read on.

Two Eyes Are Good; A Thousand Eyes Are Better

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In years gone by, businesses were restricted to relying on the human eye — and little else — to protect their premises. Businesses would rely on either an individual or a team of security guards, but that was the sum total of their security measures. They were still reliant on ever-fallible humans to spot problems and act accordingly if they felt the business was under threat.

It’s fair to argue that the human system was… let’s just say not the most reliable. When businesses are left to rely on the sight of a single security guard, it is inevitable that there will be things that they miss and gaps to be exploited.

Thanks to modern tech innovations, no business has to rely solely on a single pair of eyes to keep safe. Instead, entrepreneurs can rely on the lenses of security cameras– and can have as many different lenses as they deem necessary for full protection. It’s fair to say that this is an innovation that has been truly revolutionary; problems can be spotted, the entire perimeter monitored at once; and all from the comfort of a single surveillance office. This change means it is possible to see the threat of a situation occurring and be proactive in dealing with it, rather than just reacting once it has concluded.

Security Is Easier To Customize Than Ever

The concept of a skeleton key is a popular one in pop culture, and it’s easy to see why. The idea that there’s a key that can open any lock, break through any mechanism, is often used as the perfect tool for master criminals in TV shows and movies.

To an extent, there’s an element of skeleton key thinking that isn’t pure fiction. There will always be generics, which means there will always be people who know how to exploit those generics. A good example of this occurred during the phone hacking scandal in the UK, where reporters were able to gain access to voicemails, purely because their target had not changed their voicemail PIN code from the default 0000. The same concept applies across a range of security devices. There is always a risk that even the most innovative products can have a “skeleton key” — be that software-based, a literal key, or a mixture of both — that can render security products useless.

Customization is the best answer to the issue of generics, but many people have shied away from it due to the cost; however, technology has made customization more affordable than ever. This applies across all areas; from a customized business software suite, down to the very design of the nuts-and-bolts security system that surrounds the business.

Precision engineering can achieve flawless and unique physical designs so that those who don’t wish to settle for a generic lock will never have to again. Anyone intrigued about how detailed customization can be in order to help their business can read more from Laser Light and learn how laser, precision engineering means no two designs ever have to be alike again.

This applies not only to physical objects and security, but also to software and internet security. If an entrepreneur fears that there is a weakness in their business software, they can employ a company who will be able to custom-build something that works exactly to their requirements. This is a great choice for those who have had their security breached before, and want to be as sure as possible that the issue won’t re-occur.

Business Cyber Security Is Now Taken Seriously

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As with any new invention, when the internet first became popular for business usage, there was a general devil-may-care attitude. It is only over time that we, as internet users, have had to become more cautious.

Business security has, after several years lagging behind, now been able to catch up with the changing marketplace. Any intelligent entrepreneur knows that complete business  security is no longer just about the locks they put on doors and their premises’ surveillance system; it’s now about corporate antivirus, firewalls, and methods of preventing DDoS attacks.

The number of well-known companies that have suffered data breaches could give the impression that the hackers have been winning the war of the internet, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are now thousands of companies an entrepreneur can hire to shore up their business’s cyber space.

Staff Security Passes

Modern businesses are, thanks to technology, able to have greater control of the people they allow on site than ever before. There are now innovations in place in terms of security passes, including passes that are timed to only be able to access a building during certain hours of the day– so it’s not even possible for a malcontent to steal a pass and be sure that it’s going to work in future. A business is able to secure its premises better than ever before thanks to these changes, and those who haven’t already will want to consider more up-to-date staff passes so as to keep their businesses safe.

In some ways, technology has made business security harder. There was no need for cybercrime prevention methods when there was no cybercrime, after all. However, it’s fair to say that technology has more than caught up to itself and is now, overall, of massive benefit to the security-conscious business owner.

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