Is The Web Doing More Harm Than It Does Good?

Is The Web Doing More Harm Than It Does Good?

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The way that the web has evolved over the last few years is just incredible. You’re now able to do pretty much anything you want on it, and buy pretty much anything through it. But considering the large scale of the internet, and the many things you can actually do through it, it begs the question of is the web doing more harm than it is good? A lot of people chose to criticise, whereas others turn to praise. There’s so many things to consider that we’re going to talk about today that should show you whether the internet is doing more harm than it is good, or whether it is a necessity in our lives that we’re now never going to be able to live without. Have a read on to find out more.


Investment is one of the reasons why the web is so good for people. Without it, the ways of making money through this such as investment will be few and far between. There’s so many different routes to go down, for both normal people and for business owners. One of the ones that caused a frenzy towards the end of last year is bitcoin. Bitcoin took the world by storm, and it captured the interest of so many people. There were the people saying it was all a load of rubbish after reading a few different articles telling them so, and there’s the people who were hooked on using it as a way to make money. It’s a virtual currency that can be traded for money, and a lot of people had the strong view that it would always remain virtual currency. However, as you built up your collection of bitcoin through specialist trading sites, you could eventually sell it off for actual currency, something that will go into your bank ready to be withdrawn. So whilst some people didn’t believe it, a lot of people were making a lot of money. There are still ways of trading and playing with bitcoin, one of them is through some of the best bitcoin casinos on the web. They’re not hard to find, and it is just another way of playing with money to try and win a bit more. Whilst the hype of bitcoin is not so strong any more, there are still ways of making money from it if you want to! There’s also the route of investing through things such as Forex trading, which a lot of businesses like to dabble in. It’s complicated, and you do have to have a good understanding of how the Forex trading market works, but there are plenty of people available to give you advice. So, in the case of investment, the web is definitely doing more good for people than it is doing them harm.

Dark Web

The dark web is such a mysterious place to some people, and not a lot of people have ever actually tried to have a look through it. It’s a part of the web that can’t be monitored by the government or any authorities, and to access it requires a bit of knowledge. The danger of the dark web is you can buy absolutely anything through it, including services such as hitmen. It’s worrying that something so simple as another corner of the web is capable of doing things like this. But so many people use it on a daily basis to get the things they want and need that they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else in the country. You definitely couldn’t go and buy a hitman at your local supermarket! But the dark web has been going for years, so why is it that the government don’t try and police it? Well, it’s because it’s too hard to. The way of buying and selling through the dark web is always anonymous, and most of the time you can’t trace who is asking for what, or who is selling what. There’s also the danger of children trying to get a look in with this. Children of high school age know how to work their way around a computer, and especially the internet. So for them to access it and to see all the things they’ll be able to see is rather worrying. So in this case, the dark web is definitely doing more harm than it is good!

Dangers For Children

So, we’ve already touched on how the internet might be dangerous for children, but that was just the dark web. The normal internet that we all use poses just as many threats to children, probably more than you might think. There’s the worry that they’ll be able to access sites that they shouldn’t be using from an early age. Anything from being related the guns and the purchasing of them, to pornographic content. The web is just full of things for adults, and if it’s not censored, children will have just as much access to it. So whilst we’ve started off with a negative there, there is a positive. You can censor a lot of the things on the web through your internet provider. Most of them have a child block that filters out anything inappropriate. So at least there is a little bit of protection against that. But you’ve also got the worry of things such as grooming through social media sites. This one is not as easy to manage as children are often able to do what they want on social media from an age that is just too young. All younger children have to do is fake an age and they can sign up to social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. So, what we recommend to parents is that you have full access to their social media accounts if they do have them so that you can see who they’re adding, and who they have in their friends list. You can then delete and remove anyone who you think might be suspicious, and you can monitor messages to make sure they’re not speaking to anyone other than their friends.

So, overall the web is doing more good than it actually is harm, but there are definitely a few areas that could be improve to help protect certain age groups.

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