If Your Web Hosting Service Doesn’t Offer This, Don’t Go For It

In the online world, the real new geographical locations are the ones that we visit everyday through our fiber connection. Much like space, the internet is growing all the time, and as storage solutions increase in size and dependability, so do server capacities. If you have a small business, a blog, or some other project that you believe could benefit from having its own space online, not tied to any other service, then you require a web hosting agency to help you get started.

But what should you expect from a web hosting agency? How can they help you over and above you renting a server space yourself or even purchasing one and running it from there? Why should you have to pay for another service to be independent? Well, if they are worth their salt, they should provide you with the following. If they don’t, you should steer well clear, because the price of a subscription isn’t worth it.

Room For Learning

A great web hosting firm will let you understand how and why they are operating your hosting solutions as they do. They should be totally transparent about how they are going to obtain your domain name, how you can keep it stable and attractive, and how to implement widgets such as Disqus and social media integration. A great web hoster will involve you in the process because they will understand that you are the customer are the thing keeping their business alive in the first place. If your website fails within the first six months thanks to lack of visitors, that will mean they lose out on a subscription fee. Do your best to subvert this issue and even stay on top of it by making sure they understand how you operate and what your intended goals are.

In this capacity, they might be able to offer you better storage capacities or hosting platforms, for podcasts or videos maybe. The web hosting firm should be interested in what you have to say. Of course, you can just host a simple domain name through a domain registry, but if you do you are missing out on a lot of advice that could help you like a new website owner in your early initial stages.

In order to make sure that you’re getting the best help, you should identify if they are communicating with you in an easily-understandable way. The more easily you can grasp concepts that allow you to begin publishing the content you’d like published, the better the content will be.

Unique Domain Names

A domain name should allow for whatever name you’d like, within reason. If that one is taken, the web hoster should offer a similar list of domains that you can choose from. Stick to words and try to avoid numbers like usernames have, because that can look unprofessional. A web hoster should allow you to choose between your local geographical variant of web hosting address such as a ‘.co.uk’ or ‘.co.au.’ You can opt for a ‘.com’ if you have registered business and would like a more professional feel about the website address.

A unique domain address should be memorable, able for sharing and it should most importantly host its security certificate that allows browsers to give you access to the website without any cause for alarm. If you look online, you’ll notice that the most important websites you visit during your daily schedule all have security certificates that prove the website is routinely scanned for viruses that could adversely affect your machine. Make sure you provide this protection for your customers as well. Again, your web hosting service should be able to help educate you on the security services they use and why they are beneficial to their hosting platform, and yours.


Your web hosting platform should rarely go down for maintenance or issue fixing, and if it does, your platform is not worth having. The main job that your subscription fee commissions is for your website to stay up, and if this isn’t being achieved, the web hoster is not contributing to their side of the deal. It’s important to understand exactly how you can stay on top of the issues presented on your side of the deal when it comes to website reliability – such as user interaction and UI accessibility. However, when it comes to simply having your website available, you should never have to worry about this. If you need a website, you need your website to be available to the most possible people.

Search Rankings

Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is a great thing to develop in order to stay on top of the current good search indexes. It’s important to understand that a great and beneficial ability to stay on top of the search rankings will mean that there is a compounded amount of exposure that sheds light on your project – and largely for free. A good web hosting format will allow you to understand what SEO is, how it works and how best to strategize it to gain exposure to those parts of your online platform you want to be seen.


Not only do your web hosting services need to be professional and available at all times, but the team involved need to be accessible. The support network will largely determine how successful you are in staying on top of queries, and otherwise making sure that you are able to implement the website designs and content that you’d like to present to the world.

Ideally, support should be 24/7, but intimate teams are much more likely to adhere to normal work hours. If they are a service worth having, you should be able to abide by this. Not every firm can support 24/7 round the clock support, so you should allow for a little room on this matter.

Website Design

A great web hosting platform will allow your website to revel in the beauty that it can bring to your firm. The best web hosting agencies will allow you to design your own from the ground up. Depending on the service you use, this could present itself in different ways. Some services prefer using templates, which are handy tools that create a uniform and distinct style relatively pain-free. The only downside to this is that while you can come out with a great looking website, it might run within the exact same style as many other websites have, as templates are always limited by those on offer and the creative imagination of those using them.

On the other hand, your service might not like using templates and instead might want to provide you with education and even assistance designing your own internet platform. This is vastly superior but can take longer to implement, because you will literally be choosing your own methods of presentation from the ground up, and this can take time. However, if you choose this, you’ll be left with a website you can truly say is yours, and as someone looking to present what they have to offer online, this might chime well for how you’d like to present yourself.

All of these options are tools that a great web hosting service can bring to the table for you. Identifying how you’d like to look, how you’d like to be found and how often and reliably you can be found are important considerations, and some have easier answers than others.

With the right web hosting service, you’ll fly through those decisions with style.


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