Who’s The Best Investor For Your Business?

Pitch your business to the right investor.

There are only two types of directions in which your business could evolve: Either you grow, or you downsize. Except for some extremely specific situations where entrepreneurs choose to shrink to ditch less profitable areas, downsizing is always synonymous with loss of revenues and business issues. Upsizing, on the other hand, is a positive evolution that indicates that your business is looking to approach a wider audience and win large parts of the market. However, business expansion is a combination of elements: You need to take additional work projects to aim at a new or broader target group and ensure that further recruitment of new staff is justified; you need to have a plan for growth that introduces additional marketing, accounting and customer services activities on top of your increased production; and more importantly you need a strategy to find the appropriate investment. Indeed, while business growth delivers more profits when it is successful, it also requires more investment to cover for the qualitative and quantitative transformations in your activities and processes. So where does a business find the investment it needs? This, as all business experts will tell you, depends very much on the kind of business structure and skillsets you’ve got in-house.

Pitch your business to the right investors

Loans and advances from banking institutions and funding partners

The easiest way to collect the funds you need to grow is to get in touch with funding institutions and partners to offer what is referred to as working capital, aka a financial advance on the future profits that your business forecasts alongside growth, or a commercial loan. Swift Financial offers tailored business advances that enable existing and trading businesses to climb up the enterprise ladder and acquire what the cash flow they need to upscale safely. Unfortunately, whether you decide to go for a business loan or for an advance, you will need to sit down and crunch your numbers very thoroughly to be in a position to present evidence of what you can achieve with a monetary investment. In other words, it’s about pitching to financial experts how you plan to use the funding to develop and grow your business. While funding institutions and partners are not there to tell you how to run your business, they will be paying close attention to your growth strategy to define whether or not your business a safe investment. You will need pitch planning competencies to impress and present a meaningful strategy that will earn the funds you need.

Crypto investors and digital funds

Cryptocurrencies started in 2009 with Bitcoin and have been gaining traction as a valuable investment option since. If you’ve never heard about it, cryptocurrency transactions are made entirely online and don’t require any banking institutions to exist. However, they require an exchange platform that allows you to turn the digital coins into actual Dollars — or Euros, or GB Pounds, or Yens, etc. The absence of transaction fees and currency identification means that businesses can find cryptoinvestors from all around the world and the funds can be available in a matter of clicks. It’s fast and highly effective, that is when it works. Indeed, cryptocurrency investments have been subjects to controversies and scams which can make it tricky for amateurs to secure business fundings. From hackers to fraudulent exchange platforms taking advantages of their users, digital investments is a world of cyber sharks for those who are uneducated in the cryptocurrency ways. With a digital stock expert, you can rapidly accumulate and secure funds for growth with no requirement to develop a close relationship with your cyber investors. Without this expertise in your funding team, you’re at risk of bankrupting your business.

Crowdfunding investors: The power of many

Unless you’ve lived under a rock until now, it’s likely that you’ve heard of leading crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe, that are used to fuel personal and business dream projects. Because crowdfunding is available to everyone, it seems like the perfect option. However, you can’t merely gather business funds by posting a request. In fact, without preparation and market research, your business will never get the funding it needs. Indeed, crowdfunding platforms offer a list of projects that the crowd can fund. Consequently, your first task is to capture people’s interests and imagination. Funders are looking for a great business story they can believe in. Therefore it’s the kind of investment option that is better left untouched if you’ve got no marketing skills to develop appealing content.

Find a partner investor: The power of few

A business partner is, as the definition implies, someone who belongs to your business organization and owns a part of your business. In other words, your partner investor needs to be someone you can trust to understand and respect your business. The right partner for you needs to be someone with whom you’re able to develop a close relationship. Additionally, if your partner investor comes from a different business or sector, it’s essential that you consider the market justification for their investment. You shouldn’t partner with someone who brings only a monetary input to your business with no added acumen.

Ask for a grant

There are government grants available for a variety of small businesses in order to promote specific agency agendas, such as the Department of Energy for example. While these grants have stringent rules about who qualifies, they can make or break your business. However, you will need to present an existing business that not only meets the required qualifications, but you’ll also need to accounting and strategic skills for a successful application.

Save for the big growth

If you’ve never considered business savings, it’s not too late to introduce saving strategies to your everyday activities.

From cost-aware marketing activities to energy-saving tips, you can turn business savings into a game-changing investment.

Whether you’re a marketing guru or a respected business economist, the key to securing your investment is to focus your effort on matching your skills with your funding strategy. Whichever your preferred investment solution, you’ll need to develop an effective growth strategy to make the most of your expansion!


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