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Working 9 to 5. The Only Way To Make A Living?

Working 9 to 5. The Only Way To Make A Living?

Pretty much everyone can relate to the frustration that often comes from working a typical nine to five job, especially if you’re not doing something that you find especially exciting. However, for a lot of people, that has simply been the only option when it comes to earning a decent living. After all, giving the choice between getting up early to work a boring job and not being able to afford a roof over your head, it’s hardly a difficult decision. That being said, over the last decade or so the options for careers outside of that typical mode have expanded hugely thanks to one thing: the internet. With the rise of the internet, people have been able to take more and more control over how they earn their living. With that in mind, here are a few options that you might want to try if you’re tired of working nine to five.

Starting your own business

For a lot of people, the idea of starting their own business was very tempting but often seemed like it was only possible for those with huge amounts of money to invest in it. However, thanks to the internet all you really need is a computer, a great idea, and the drive to make it work. The biggest hurdle for a lot of people now is simply knowing where to start. Luckily there are plenty of sites like that offer lots of fantastic advice for starting your own online business. No matter what kind of business you’re setting up you’re sure to find some useful information.


Freelancing is definitely a field that’s been on the rise for the last decade and with good reason. It offers a sense of freedom that few other career paths can really offer. Rather than being tied to a single employer you can work with a variety of clients who need your skill set to improve their businesses. You can pick and choose who you work with and when you work, as well as being able to work pretty much wherever you like thanks to the sheer number of conferencing apps and programs available.


Do you have something that you’re particularly knowledgeable and passionate about? Do you have the gift of the gab? If that’s the case then blogging might be the perfect career for you. Take your interests and turn them into entertaining, informative, and engaging content that your readers will want to consume regularly. As you grow your blog, you can work with sponsors and advertisers to bring in more revenue and offer deals and offers to your readers. This is one of the most remarkable new career options that the internet age has to offer and if you’re able to set yourself apart from the crowd, then there’s a chance that you will be able to make a living doing something that you really love.

One thing that’s important to remember when it comes to these options is that, while they do involve a lot more freedom than standard employment, they also involve a great deal more responsibility and discipline on your part. Don’t assume that things will be smooth sailing just because you no longer have a boss breathing down your neck every day.

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