So You’ve Lost Your Job? Earn A Living With Little More Than Your Laptop

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Jobs come and go, but your need for a good income will never go away. So what can you do if you get fired, made redundant, or simply don’t have a paying job right now? Believe it or not, more and more people are earning a good living by setting up for themselves. And yes, they can do it with little more than their home laptop. Here’s how to get started:


Before you even power up your laptop, you need to get over all that self-doubt you’re bathing in right now. Losing your job can easily cause you to lose your confidence. Even if you made a mistake that warranted the termination of your employment, you could learn from that. You have skills, and you have tenacity. Best of all, you’re living in the right time frame to make a modicum of technology work for you. So power up, let’s get going.

It’s true that working for yourself is tough. It can be done, and people like Danny DeMichele have made millions from nothing in just a few years. What you need is an idea. Be careful not to let it be self-serving. You need an idea to help others. Who has a problem and what will it take to solve it? Answering that identifies your market, your product, and your purpose in business.


One of the first tasks you need to complete is setting up a website. Identify its purpose. Will it be used to attract clients, or will you be selling your products directly with a built-in shopping cart facility? Your marketing strategy will go a long way toward figuring this out. When you know what you want, you’ll have to find the right company to host it, build it, maintain it, and even write content for it. The more content-rich your pages, the more likely you’ll rank better in the search engines.

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Internet Marketing

Digital media has overtaken traditional platforms for advertising and marketing. You might choose to get started with your online campaigns yourself at first. It won’t take long before you need to engage a professional internet marketing company to help give your business the boost you need. This can help you extend your reach, improve your brand perception, and bring in more leads to your sales funnel. The more outsourced help you find, the less you need in-house to make this business work.

Hands-on or Hands-off?

If you’re still worried about your own entrepreneurial abilities, then you could set up your business to leave you quite hands-off. However, this company is your baby. It would be hard to hand over the reins to someone else. It’s a good idea to stay involved as much as possible, especially in the beginning. You might seek help from third parties that have more knowledge or experience than you. It makes sense. But be prepared to learn more, do more, and make the most of this opportunity for you.

Picking up the pieces after losing your job is tough. Earning a living without much to invest is tougher. But until you give it a go, you’ll never know if you can make it work. Good luck.

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