Customer marketing: giving the customer more than they expect.

Relationship with the customer has undergone changes with the evolution of marketing technology. The market is increasingly demanding and competitive, leading companies to seek innovative ways to attract the attention of potential and current customers There is no way to use the same marketing and sales tactics used during acquisition. It is necessary to know who these customers are, their particularities, where they are, what their needs and desires are, as the way a company deals with its current customers influences their loyalty to your product and brand. The reputation of a business is also defined through the relationship with the customer. You can haveRead More →

Jared Kushner using whatsapp.

Small Companies have already realized that working with WhatsApp Marketing is one of the best ways to expand their contact base, close new sales and facilitate communication with potential customers. Whoever wants to learn a new language or buy a product from a store, for example, can now do everything directly through WhatsApp these days. It is also possible to serve the customer, be used as a conversational hub, as a useful tool for HR, do research, do team training, selection processes, courses, teach languages​​… etc. WhatsApp Business, a version for yes, Business, is already modernizing, now it allows creating catalogs in commercial profiles. BrandsRead More →

Native advertising on the NY Times.

Native advertising is a better way to advertise than banner ads. Online ads in general get diminished attention due to their placement and overall disinterest from users in seeing ads in the middle of the content they are consuming but native ads seem like more of an acceptable way to stand out. Despite of that, users still see native ads as a bad thing. Native advertising or discovery ads by the likes of Outbrain and Taboola have gotten a bad reputation after allowing “click baity” ads on their platform for so long. Ads on large newspapers such as “sponsored links” or “stories you might likeRead More →

Indians, as well as Brazilians, Russians and Chinese are spending more time online, on their phones. And when we talk about the role that the Internet plays in the lives of individuals, the economic adversities of these countries coupled with its tendency to self humor has created an environment where creativity flows in the form of memes. In places like China, Uganda, Mexico, and even the United States, memes can fuse new narratives in society and influence media discourse in powerful ways. Activists utilize their power to draw attention and build communities around issues that might otherwise be ignored or censored. Internet memes represent aRead More →

Header newsletter Hustle and Behance

In our very dynamic routine of today, thinking of business email seems to many to be a bit old, especially given the many alternatives to instant communication. However, do not make this mistake. Email marketing is still critical to making professional contacts, building credibility and assisting marketing and sales productivity in any business. … But email marketing in 2020 only works if done correctly. Do people still use email? Absolutely! You do! To get an idea of ​​how alive this tool is, over 120 billion commercial emails are sent every day. More than half of the world’s population used email in 2019 and the numberRead More →