Screenshot of Waterfront Gurus, a comunity for people that live waterfront.

If you want to create a communication medium that aims to inform, and you want to be financially rewarded by it, and don’t know how, a website is a great way to do that. News sites in 2020 are good for generating traffic because together with social media they can generate a high amount of local or global traffic and take advantage of the engagement it can create. Your website can become an influencer and therefore have a business model that is profitable. view full post »Read More →

Native advertising on the NY Times.

Native advertising is a better way to advertise than banner ads. Online ads in general get diminished attention due to their placement and overall disinterest from users in seeing ads in the middle of the content they are consuming but native ads seem like more of an acceptable way to stand out. Despite of that, users still see native ads as a bad thing. view full post »Read More →

Header newsletter Hustle and Behance

In our very dynamic routine of today, thinking of business email seems to many to be a bit old, especially given the many alternatives to instant communication. However, do not make this mistake. Email marketing is still critical to making professional contacts, building credibility and assisting marketing and sales productivity in any business. … But email marketing in 2020 only works if done correctly. view full post »Read More →

Google also has native ads now like this DoubleClick network on the New York Times.

The ability to tell stories is a talent that serves advertising as well as journalism. Between one thing and  the other, there is a gray area in which it is not exactly known whether the material is journalistic or propaganda with content. This kind of story is not new, but its adoption by large vehicles is fairly recent, and the results are eye catching. Native ads are clearly marked as advertisements, but they can ‘cheat’ those who see them, as they use language, style of writing, and design very similar to editorial content. When advertisers think of native ads, they think of something that refersRead More →

LinkedIn New Objective Based Ads Campaign Creation

LinkedIn’s ad experience is not great. Considering it’s the main work related social media platform, their paid advertisement experience should be great. Lots of companies spend their money on that platform and even after a few years of paid ads on there, that experience continues to suck. Below I discuss some issues I have, and propose a few LinkedIn sponsored content best practices to help you keep your campaigns organized. view full post »Read More →