Adobe Marketing Cloud pricing

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a complete and integrated marketing system. It features a wide set of solutions, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Campaign. It also offers real-time dashboards and a cooperative interface where users can combine the content, data and insights. You can optimize, measure, and test your website atractiveness with the help of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target.

Depending on your usage, Adobe Marketing Cloud  will cost around $10,000 per year on a single product.  The pricing is based on the number of products that were purchased and the total amount of usage in the suite acquired. The costs can start as low as $10,000 and reach well into the millions. You can also pay for not only software features but also support. Adobe products in general, Adobe Marketing Cloud has a flexible pricing scheme. Adobe calculates it on the basis of annual subscriptions, depending entirely on the size and needs of your company. Thereof, you will not be expected to pay for any feature you don’t really need.

Adobe Marketing Cloud can assist with website design, whether you’re building a new website or reorganizing your existing site. It can also help you build landing pages. But it’s no secret that Adobe is one of the most expensive CMS. And it’s known that Adobe said during their recent partner summit that the average deal is $450,000 in license with the total implementation cost of over $2m USD. Adobe’s focus is squarely on the largest companies who value their entire Marketing Cloud.

Adobe does a great job of harnessing the power of integrated data. Pushing and pulling data from one tool to another within their cloud helps organizations to answer some big business questions. It’s also nice because Adobe has a tool for everything including a CMS which you can integrate all the other tools for high level marketing automation

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How to save money when acquiring Adobe Marketing Cloud?

  • The Adobe Marketing Cloud has several main benefits that can help you save money.  Its ease of use is one of the benefits because the system practically runs itself with the right adjustments.  It also has a lot of flexibility and customization that will save you a lot of time and resources in the long run because the integration of the different products of the Marketing Cloud runs efficiently.
  • There are many programs that offer the same type of service as Adobe Marketing Cloud.  Research a few others and compare the price as well as the features and ease of use.  Do not sacrifice quality for the price, however.
  • In the long run, using a program such as Adobe Marketing Cloud will actually pay for itself and can even increase your profits through proper marketing techniques.

What is included?

Adobe Marketing Cloud has a total of six solutions, each with its own pricing: Adobe Analytics Adobe Experience Manager Adobe Social Adobe Target Adobe Media Optimizer Adobe Campaign. Custom analysis can be used on a daily basis and core KPIs can be reviewed easily along with dashboards and other reports on a weekly term. PDF documents can be viewed instantly and scheduled reports are sent monthly and weekly to monitor progress. For a time period, you can add three different metrics and run a detailed report. Call Adobe support right away for problems that you are unable to fix on your own.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Key Features

  • SaaS full online marketing management software solution
  • Provides you with comprehensive analytics on your customers, demographic and viewer behavior
  • Features A/B and multivariate testing tools
  • Can target content delivery based on viewer behavior and user-defined rules
  • Identifies social media trends and tracks social campaigns, including promotions and contests
  • Works with your paid search engine ad campaigns to boost ROI and audience engagement
  • Handles all web and mobile assets

Adobe Experience Manager screenshot

What are the extra costs?

  • Extra costs include maintenance and other add-on fees.
  • There are so many other costs that go into marketing a product or company; the Adobe Marketing Cloud will only be one.  For example, you will need to pay a certain number of employees (this depends on the size of the marketing campaign) to run the Marketing Cloud and marketing program in general.
  • If you are using this program for your company, you may want to consider sending your employees to a seminar to learn how to better use the program and get the most out of it.

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