Akamai extends their network portifolio by acquiring Soha Systems

Akamai Acquires Soha Systems press release The hybrid cloud and mobile usage has changed traditional methods of enabling secure access to an enterprise system and changes occur faster every day. And with that in mind, Akamai Technologies, traditionally, a CDN player, has snapped up enterprise security control company Soha to better protect and secure enterprise applications in the cloud.

As large companies move more are more towards cloud technology and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the cloud, they run the risk of having data outside the local control of their networks, servers and having that info available to whomever gets a username and a password to them.

Soha Systems is a company that pecializes in “enterprise secure access delivered as a service” which makes total sense for Akamai as they aim to specialize themselves in cloud security and their new strategy of securing, protecting, and accelerating enterprise applications and services through cloud technology.

Just recently, in September, Gartner released the latest Application Delivery Controller Magic Quadrant* (ADC MQ), which positions different vendors and classifies these Application delivery controllers, as key component within enterprise and cloud data centers to improve application availability, performance and security. Gartner however points that the market is in a growing divergence between the needs of traditional I&O and application-centric personnel.

Akamai themselves, say the acquisition, instrumental to boost secure, cloud-based application control and access to remote and mobile access to enterprise resources, in many ways, the turns inside out’ the traditional enterprise model, with applications, employees and data moving to the cloud, while at the same time, security and IT teams remain responsible for ensuring visibility, security and performance.

Third-party access is a trend that’s growing because it’s simply helpful for business. It’s one of the many types of the positive, “rewarded” risks that are associated with enabling assets, creating value, and maximizing upside. As more organizations move their digital assets to public clouds, there is a need to better understand the security and privacy implications of third-party access within this environment, especially when the cloud provider itself is acting as the third party.

Soha was named one of Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Cloud and Emerging Technology, Security in 2016 and with the acquisition, Akamai plans to extend its portfolio of Cloud Networking Solutions.

To understand, this third party access trend, this infographic from Soha Systems themselves is a great explainer.

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