Amazon Web Services launches new office in Bogota to support business in Spanish in Latin America

AWS Summit in Bogota.

From its new office in Bogotá, Amazon Web Services will provide cloud computing services to startups, but also to large companies in different sectors of the economy and public entities. The office will establish a local group of account executives, solution architects, partner managers, and support for customers to become directly involved with AWS in their local language environment.

AWS currently has millions of active clients each month, including 2,300 government agencies, 7,000 educational institutions and more than 22,000 NGOs that have used the tool in the last 12 months.

AWS Summit in Bogota.
AWS Summit in Bogota.

The company decided to settle in the city as Colombian organizations were among the first to adopt services in the cloud when AWS launched services in the region. Now, established clients in the country use AWS to run various functionalities ranging from development and testing environments to business applications and critical workloads.

During an event held in Bogota, the company’s managers emphasized that they are already working with local partners such as Bancolombia, Icfes and Infovalmer. Among the world’s leading Amazon Web Services customers are the likes of Airbnb, Spotify and Netflix, which are technology-based businesses that someday started as ‘startups’.

Its portfolio also includes companies such as Samsung, Bank of Australia, Shell, Philips, among others.

Cloud-based service providers explain that the system’s main features include its agility, its elasticity, the ability to generate savings and drive business to compete globally.

It is worth noting that the cloud computing service, whose head offices in Latin America are located in São Paulo (Brazil), achieved a growth of 55% in the third quarter of 2016.

This business moves at least $ 413 billion, the product of the 90 services offered globally through the cloud on Amazon. As a remarkable fact, it is also important to mention that in 2015 the company presented 722 product launches.

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