Anonymous invades databases of Brazilian company involved in corruption scandal

The Brazilian website Tecmundo reported today that Anonymous invaded the Friboi database this morning (Saturday, 20th). Friboi is a meat company that belongs to JBS, a company that is involved in a bribing scandal with the Brazilian government. According to a manifesto sent to TecMundo, the hacker group has several access passwords, in addition to having deployed users in the database and to be monitoring the local navigation.

“We have your passwords and accesses monitored … Do not worry because we have changed some labels in your production area and created some users within your 9785,” wrote Anonymous. In full: “To the workers of these companies, know that the problem is not with you, but with this bunch of thieves, corrupt and son of b**** that are killing our people and our country.”

JBS Oracle database headers were posted online.

Friboi is led by JBS, which is involved in the scandal of the Brazilian government

Friboi is a company of JBS S.A., a Brazilian company that has been established since 1953 as one of the largest in the world food industry, operating in the processing of beef, pork, sheep and chicken. Recently, both Friboi and JBS have seen their names involved in delinquencies and government bribes schemes.

In addition to a presumed involvement of President Michel Temer with JBS entrepreneurs, Gilberto Kassab (PSD), Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTI), received R$ 5.5 million from JBS through cold notes, according to With testimony of Ricardo Saud, director of JSB, made yesterday (19) in prize-giving. The minister denied receipt in a note.

The Anonymous Invasion

Proof of the database attack was posted on a Pastebin online, with several samples of what was obtained. Last year, Anoynmous also succeeded in hijacking Anatel machines via ransomware – similar to the WannaCry case – in a protest to the internet being cut after the franchise ended.

In the document posted online, Anonymous still wrote: “We will not settle down. You can get 1, 2, 3, 4 of us, but you’ll never be able to stop us all.” TecMundo received the complaint anonymously through their [email protected] email address; There is no hacker cell claim, other than the signature of Anonymous itself.

Anonymous posted what seemed to be an Oracle database, with details of their accountancy databases, production databases, design databases. You can also see the names of the table headers of their Production database with 9852 tables names posted online. Between them paying details, food production details, etc… a lot of details a company would not like accessed by outsiders and published.

JBS hacked database.
JBS Oracle database headers were posted online.

The website of the Brazilian President Michel Temer was also hacked this saturday. The URL was still timing out in the afternoon of this Saturday.

Anonymous message on PasteBin
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