AWS Summit in Bogota.

From its new office in Bogotá, Amazon Web Services will provide cloud computing services to startups, but also to large companies in different sectors of the economy and public entities. The office will establish a local group of account executives, solution architects, partner managers, and support for customers to become directly involved with AWS in their local language environment. AWS currently has millions of active clients each month, including 2,300 government agencies, 7,000 educational institutions and more than 22,000 NGOs that have used the tool in the last 12 months. The company decided to settle in the city as Colombian organizations were among the firstRead More →

Hugo Barra Xiaomi

Hugo Barra, the brazilian man responsible for Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi’s global development, has announced he will leave the company. Barra joined Xiaomi in 2013, leaving his role as vice president of Android Product Management at Google, and has since helped Xiaomi launch in several new locations, pushing the brand itself further into the consciousness of international smartphone and technology buyers. The announcement was made in a lengthy Facebook post on Barra’s own account, where he says living in Beijing away from his family, “has taken a huge toll on my life and started affecting my health. My friends, what I consider to be myRead More →

Bumbet bet if Lula is going to jail in 2017.

Specialized on sport bets, the canadian website Bumbet, arrived in Brazil with a proposal for the Brazilian to bet if Lula would be arrested or not in 2017. According to  O Globo, Bumbet calculated that the odds of Lula being arrested in 2017 is so low that whoever bet that the Brazilian ex-president will be arrested in 2017 will receive double their bet. The betting website understands that if Lula remains free, their profit will be lower since the chance of that happening this year is so low. Still according to O Globo, a bet about the future of the current President of Brazil, MichelRead More →

Portal Brasil tweet with all brazilian government passwords.

Portal Brasil has just committed a gaffe the size of a streetcar. They went to Twitter and posted, by mistake, a link with all their passwords. From Instagram to Facebook and Gmail. Accounts, even of government figures. The information is from Veja. It is even more curious the post to which the Google Drive link was attached: A National Force tweet advising that they will stay another 60 days in Rio Grande do Norte. Aside from the mess up itself, one of the passwords used by Michel Temer’s team is: planaltodotemer2016. Beside, there is a note, in red and box high: “do not change theRead More →

In the midst of a political crisis in the country, one of the problems that causes more controversy in the Brazilian Congress is the game. Legalization of the game beyond the leap of faith in the lottery cause divisions in the House and the Senate and walk in a hurry without any consensus on the horizon. A bill pending in the Senate intends to legalize the casinos, bingos and even the famous game of animals (jogo do bicho). The proposal is one between more than 10 that wanted to release the games of chance. The legalization of the game in Brazil, suspended for more thanRead More →

Methbot revenue compared to other ad fraud operations revenues.

On December 20, researchers from White Ops reported that a scheme dubbed “Methbot,” is a Russian operation set up to watch up to 300 million video-based adverts automatically every day. Their research has uncovered a bot farm that is estimated to be fraudulently stealing millions in revenue from online video advertising companies. The operation was named “Methbot” by the New York-based security firm because of actual references to meth in the bots code. The Russian run bot uses an army of automated web browsers executed from fraudulently acquired IP addresses to deliver as many as 300 million fake video ad plays a day, tricking advertisers to pay for views thatRead More →

Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved in efforts to intervene in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, NBC News reported, citing two unnamed “senior U.S. intelligence officials.” New intelligence links Putin directly to the leaks from hacked Democratic National Committee emails, the officials told NBC News with “a high level of confidence.” A high-level intelligence source said the campaign began as a “vendetta” against Hillary Clinton, NBC News reported. The goal grew into an effort to expose corruption in U.S. politics and to undermine America’s international credibility, according to NBC. Putin’s objectives were multifaceted, a high-level intelligence source told NBC News. What began as aRead More →

In the narrow alleys of Bellandur I was awakened by the steps of people outside and the chit chat and hustle of the start of the day in India. Before sunrise, it’s usually real quiet and you can hear the cars going fast at the closest highway and the occasional noise of cars nearby. But as the sun rises the noise increases as it does the amount of people on the streets. My buddy Srinavasan and I ate some of his moms food and off we went to work that sunny day in Bengaluru. The dust and the heat mix together in such a wayRead More →

Symantec’s security software often comes bundled with personal computers so the company has suffered as consumers use mobile devices more than traditional computers these days. Norton antivirus, Symantec’s most prominent product is still profitable, but the company is looking for ways to keep her consumer division alive. In that sense, Symantec has just announced it will acquire U.S. identity theft protection services company LifeLock Inc for $2.3-billion, in a deal that it hopes will prop up sales at for its Norton antivirus. The deal is supposed to be announced this Monday, and it already figures on Symantecs website. Arizona-based LifeLock was pursued by bidders butRead More →

Kaspersky Lab, Russian antivirus software company has accused Microsoft of anticompetitive practices and Russian authorities have started an investigation after Kaspersky’s complaint. Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab, has taken to his blog to lay out his full complaint that to some sound familiar to things we’ve heard in the industry before about how Microsoft’s grand scheme is to eventually squeeze-out its competition through sneaky tactics. Eugene Kaspersky claims that Microsoft bundled its antivirus software Windows Defender with Windows 10, which is an anticompetitive behavior claiming that Microsoft used its dominant market position to restrict and eliminate competition. Kaspersky added that Microsoft has significantly reducedRead More →