First it was with Paige, a WWE wrestler who had sexual content leaked on the internet without her consent. It is now the turn of Celeste Bonin, known as Kaitlyn in American wrestling, who saw some of her nude photos being released by a hacker who invaded her cell phone. Celeste Bonin has retired from professional wrestling and today has a company of bodybuilding and fitness The case of Paige, whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, however, was a little more serious. She is still part of the WWE and may even be kicked out of the fight event. In addition to the naked pictures,Read More →

Wordfence Security screenshot.

WordPress is an open and free Content Management System (CMS) used by more than top 10 million websites as of 2016. Robots crawl WordPress sites looking for the wp-admin login page. Once internet robots find it, they attack the site in the simplest way possible – by continually hammering at the login page until they get in. The bot cycles through common passwords, obscure passwords and everything in between. It takes longer for the bot to gain access depending on the complexity of the username and password. So, the first step in website security is arming yourself with secure login information. These brute-force attacks eat upRead More →

Private images of the Harry Potter actress during a swimsuit fitting were leaked onto the web after her computer is believed to have been hacked. The photos appeared alongside pictures of an unknown woman in the bath with her face obscured, although Ms Watson has denied those pictures are of her. Personal pictures of Emma Watson have been stolen and posted online alongside mystery nude photos. A spokesman for the Beauty and the Beast star confirmed the pictures – which show her trying on various outfits – were stolen. “Photos from a clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago haveRead More →

Russian hackers charged with Yahoo hack.

Two agents of the Russia’s Federal Security Service, known as the F.S.B., and two Russian citizens were charged by Federal prosecutors on Wednesday for their roles in a conspiracy that led to the 2014 theft of 500 million Yahoo accounts, one of the largest known data breaches. The other two defendants are also RUssian but one is Canadian and Kazakh national and a resident of Canada. The breach affected at least 500 million Yahoo accounts, the Department of Justice said. The hackers are accused of accessing personal accounts belonging to those including Russian journalists, Russian government officials, U.S. government officials, U.S. financial services and privateRead More →

Last year in May, the TechRepublic reported that Windows 10 was officially running 300 million devices. This number put the company right on the track to reach its target of getting their operating system on 1 billion devices worldwide by the end of 2018. The number is quite impressive. For instance, roughly 350 million licenses of Windows 7 were sold in 18 months, while W10 managed to surpass 300 million licenses in just short nine months. And yes, the number of PC users has grown considerably in the last couple of years – the fact is – the numbers don’t increase with each new OS.Read More →

Video Sophos acquisition of Invincea.

Machine learning (ML) technology has become one of the most important technologies in modern cybersecurity. It allows the device to analyze patterns and learn, predicting behaviours that code take at infected machines. Invincea’s technology of next-generation malware protection is designed to detect and prevent unknown malware and sophisticated attacks via patented deep learning neural-network algorithms. It has been ranked as among the best performing machine learning, signature-less next-generation endpoint technologies in third-party testing and rated highly both for high detection and low false-positive rates. To charge ahead with this trend and keep up with the machine learning leaders Cylance and Sentinel One, cybersecurity pioneer SophosRead More →

AWS Summit in Bogota.

From its new office in Bogotá, Amazon Web Services will provide cloud computing services to startups, but also to large companies in different sectors of the economy and public entities. The office will establish a local group of account executives, solution architects, partner managers, and support for customers to become directly involved with AWS in their local language environment. AWS currently has millions of active clients each month, including 2,300 government agencies, 7,000 educational institutions and more than 22,000 NGOs that have used the tool in the last 12 months. The company decided to settle in the city as Colombian organizations were among the firstRead More →

Hugo Barra Xiaomi

Hugo Barra, the brazilian man responsible for Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi’s global development, has announced he will leave the company. Barra joined Xiaomi in 2013, leaving his role as vice president of Android Product Management at Google, and has since helped Xiaomi launch in several new locations, pushing the brand itself further into the consciousness of international smartphone and technology buyers. The announcement was made in a lengthy Facebook post on Barra’s own account, where he says living in Beijing away from his family, “has taken a huge toll on my life and started affecting my health. My friends, what I consider to be myRead More →

Bumbet bet if Lula is going to jail in 2017.

Specialized on sport bets, the canadian website Bumbet, arrived in Brazil with a proposal for the Brazilian to bet if Lula would be arrested or not in 2017. According to  O Globo, Bumbet calculated that the odds of Lula being arrested in 2017 is so low that whoever bet that the Brazilian ex-president will be arrested in 2017 will receive double their bet. The betting website understands that if Lula remains free, their profit will be lower since the chance of that happening this year is so low. Still according to O Globo, a bet about the future of the current President of Brazil, MichelRead More →

Portal Brasil tweet with all brazilian government passwords.

Portal Brasil has just committed a gaffe the size of a streetcar. They went to Twitter and posted, by mistake, a link with all their passwords. From Instagram to Facebook and Gmail. Accounts, even of government figures. The information is from Veja. It is even more curious the post to which the Google Drive link was attached: A National Force tweet advising that they will stay another 60 days in Rio Grande do Norte. Aside from the mess up itself, one of the passwords used by Michel Temer’s team is: planaltodotemer2016. Beside, there is a note, in red and box high: “do not change theRead More →