In the months since revealing the service, Google says it’s received some useful feedback from early testers. But now Google’s domain registration service is now in open, public beta in the United States. Google Domains was initially available through an invite-based system when it was launched in June 2014 and now, for prices starting at $12 per year, Google will help you secure a domain name and toss in added benefits like private registration, email forwarding to Gmail, support for as many as 100 sub-domains, and domain forwarding. Google Domains has improved its  dashboard, now supports over 60 domain endings (.company, .florist, .coffee, etc.), and has theRead More →

Blackberry’s gaffe ranks much worse than the errant celebrity spokesperson iPhone tweet, since it came from the company’s main account.  Blackberry’s creative director has accidently tweeted a message for its users from the company’s official account using the competitor Apple’s iPhone.  According to The Verge, the message, promoting its new BlackBerry Classic phone, urged its loyal users to “keep up with the conversation” on Twitter. The tweet was deleted shortly after the message was posted. However, Twitter users highlighted the error immediately after the tweet was posted. Only problem was the message was sent out via iPhone — a mistake Twitter users wasted no time pointing out. The tweet wasRead More →

Data breach coverage provides you with access to professionals who can help you comply with regulatory requirements, provide guidance on how to help prevent a data breach and handle a breach crisis if one occurs. Response expense coverage can help to quickly restore confidence in your business or practice through notification to impacted individuals and can help pay for good faith advertising expenses, for example. In most states, coverage is also available for defense and liability expenses in the event you’re sued because of a breach. Specialized policies to protect against online attacks are offered by about 50 carriers, including big names like the AmericanRead More →

Video game retailer GameStop on Monday announced that its GameStop Technology Institute business unit has added a new partner: Microsoft. As part of the collaboration, GameStop will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud-powered network to take “retail innovation to the next level.” The retailer adds that it will tap into Microsoft’s Azure, which is also behind some of the Xbox One’s cloud-powered services like those used to run Titanfall’s multiplayer, to “enhance the in-store engagement of its customers in interactive, informative, and entertaining ways.” Using smartphones and Windows tablets, customers will be able to view trailers and other promotional materials. GameStop’s sales associates will provide a “personalized shopping experience” based onRead More →

Brazilian youtubers that make videos about games and nerd culture are favorites between readers of G1 news a portal from Rede Globo in Brazil. From all submissions received, 80% voted for these channels. The YouTube channel Jovem Nerd appears as the most cited and “Cellbits,” by the young Rafael Lange, was also remembered. He was one of the interviewees in G1 series, “Profession Youtuber”. According to G1, a Brazilian youtuber with between 500 000 and 1 million subscribers can earn from R$ 6000 up to R$ 50K per month, counting just the revenue generated by ads. Among the most cited research by the G1: ‘MajorityRead More →

OK, we get it. You don’t know if you have antivirus and if you have a Mac you always believed you didn’t need antivirus. Or even, you have free antivirus and you just don’t get that complete peace of mind. We get it. There are still ways to find out if your computer is protected from virus, hackers and threats or not. A good way to verify your computer for free is to use Online Virus Scan tools provided by antivirus companies. Most if not all of these security brands offer virus and threat scan tools on their websites other than their premium antivirus software.Read More →

Computer security has always been a confusing topic to understand. For people that are new to computers it starts with understanding what a virus is. Probably because they named it a virus. People tend to associate to what we biologically know as a virus. “Do we pass it to our computers?” Something that is harmful. But computer viruses weren’t deemed viruses because they were only harmful but also because they could replicate. Past the “understanding the concept” phase, one that gets interested in the topic is faced with the question: how secure is enough? How safe am I? That question probably does not have anRead More →

Anonymous posters to online message boards like 4Chan started this Monday, September 1st to distribute nude images of tons of female stars including Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, pop icon Rihanna and top model Kate Upton between others on a huge private data leak from online storage services. Early reports suggested hackers had “ripped” private images from tech giant Apple’s iCloud online data storage, but Apple made no immediate comment and other services may have been targeted. Some of the pictures had previously been circulated on message forums, and others appeared fake, but some major stars expressed outrage at a new breach and threatened legal action. Most starsRead More →

A hilarious video went viral online in Brazil in 2014 . In the images, a lady passed alcohol at the house where she lives after hearing from a neighbor that her pen drive had viruses. With no computer knowledge, she says she asked a neighbor to put music on the flash drive. As it did not work, she returned to her neighbor and asked what was happening. The neighbor said the pendrive had a virus. “I bought a bottle of alcohol and passed on all the CDs and at the door where you insert the pendrive. I threw bleach throughout the house,” said the elderly.Read More →