Blackberry’s most famous tweet: sent from an iPhone

New Blackberry Blackberry’s gaffe ranks much worse than the errant celebrity spokesperson iPhone tweet, since it came from the company’s main account.  Blackberry’s creative director has accidently tweeted a message for its users from the company’s official account using the competitor Apple’s iPhone. 

According to The Verge, the message, promoting its new BlackBerry Classic phone, urged its loyal users to “keep up with the conversation” on Twitter.

The tweet was deleted shortly after the message was posted. However, Twitter users highlighted the error immediately after the tweet was posted.

Blackberry's tweet from an iPHone.
Blackberry’s posted it’s most famous tweet from an iPHone.

Only problem was the message was sent out via iPhone — a mistake Twitter users wasted no time pointing out. The tweet was deleted shortly thereafter, The Verge reported.

“Did this really just happen?” asked Norm Kelly, a Toronto councilor.
“Someone is getting canned today,” mused Free Beacon analyst Daniel Bassali.
“C’mon Man! Are you guys even trying now?” wrote Alan Gates.

The message, “Twitter for iPhone,” that outed BlackBerry’s mistake, isn’t typically visible in the regular Twitter app, but can be seen using Tweetbot, Tweetdeck and other third-party clients, The Verge reported.

BlackBerry may have long given up any hopes of returning to its former glory in the smartphone world, but it still has new handsets coming to market – with a few getting some pretty decent reviews – so blunders like this don’t look particularly good as it tries desperately to rescue the brand.

The smartphone manufacturer, which has floundered in recent years amid stiff competition (mostly notably, Apple), is in the throes of an attempted comeback. It recently launched a throwback device called the BlackBerry Classic, tried to catch eyes with “unconventional” devices and even has a hand in the development of a self-destructing phone.

When you’re down on your luck, particularly in the ever-changing mobile market, you need your PR team to be firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately, whoever has been placed in charge of the company’s official Twitter page did not get the memo, making the Bush League error of tweeting from Apple’s iPhone.

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