Brazilian lady gets famous online after rubbing alcohol at her house because of a pendrive with virus

brazilian lady famous pen drive with virusA hilarious video went viral online in Brazil in 2014 . In the images, a lady passed alcohol at the house where she lives after hearing from a neighbor that her pen drive had viruses.

With no computer knowledge, she says she asked a neighbor to put music on the flash drive. As it did not work, she returned to her neighbor and asked what was happening. The neighbor said the pendrive had a virus.

“I bought a bottle of alcohol and passed on all the CDs and at the door where you insert the pendrive. I threw bleach throughout the house,” said the elderly.

The video in Portuguese is pretty funny for Brazilians because the fun of the story is how she talks, how she tells the story in detail (how she went to the market and bought alcohol), and how she laughs at herself, along with relatives who were filming and laugh at the situation.

Despite the naivety of the woman, the situation is common for many people, because with the advancement of new technologies and the penetration of tech across a broad segment of the population, many still do not understand how this technology works. The video was recorded in Nazareth, in the state of Bahia in Brazil. The state of mostly black population, is also a state of mostly poor people and has high crime rates on its largest cities. Its people are a simple people, which can be deduced from the house of this lady. The video recorded in front of a wall without plaster, shows a hole in the wall where one can see a curtain on the other side swaying with the wind.

The lady’s name is Lourdes, and the video was recorded by the boyfriend of her granddaughter, who put the video on Youtube on December 30, 2013.

In English and Spanish versionsof this article, we did a little transcription of the ladys speech:
“I went to Rita’s house and asked her to record a song for me on the pendrive. When i got home and I went to test it, it didn’t play. So I went back to Rita’s and said “Oh Rita, the pendrive is not working. She said it was working, so she went back to my house and put it and it didnt work. So someone said, that the thing had a virus. The thing that records it that I don’t know how it’s called. And what do we do now. Well, he said we had to do what? Format it?! Yes, format it. And I said, what is to “format it” because I don’t understand these things? So he went back home, said that he would do it, and formated it, so when I got home again, and went to test it. Nothing, it didn’t work again. So he said, it’s because of the virus that got transfered to your pendrive. And I said, “great! Just what I needed! Now, all my things got ruined because of this virus. So I went back home, got all my discs, I have more than 300 cds, I threw them all on the floor, so I went to the grocery store, bought alcohol, got it wet in cotton and started rubbing alcohol on the dvds, and on the pendrive, and even on the whole where you insert the pendrive to clean it from virus! So I passed alcohol on the dvd player top, passed it on my hands, went back inside and i got all the sheets from my bed and started throwing alcohol. Then I went and got chlorine, and thew it all on the sheets, and brought all my clothes outside to be washed, and I got very worried about turning on the dvd player. So I went back to Rita, and left there my pendrives and I don’t want them back. Her house is full of virus, and even i started feeling pains. I started feeling my hands all numb, and I don’t know if it was because of the virus! Then I started feeling some cramps, and a pay on my neck, and I said what do I do now! So I decided to call a friend to see if there were doctors there so i could see them about this virus.”

Many conclusions can be drawn from the video, such as:
In Brazil , even the poorest people have access to computers and are familiar with terms such as flash drives, dvds , etc …
It is common among Brazilian exchange of illegally shared files, such as music and movies. And people buy the pirated dvds of major Hollywood productions on the streets having no idea that this is an illegal practice, and the authorities for failing to control, inhibit only large duplicators.

pirated dvds in brazil

However, one of the easiest ways to spread new viruses is by inserting malicious files on USB sticks and DVDs like this. In a time when more and more Brazilians are using internet banking, many are unaware of this type of files and don’t take the necessary precautions to protect themselves.

pirated software on the streets in brazil

Nevertheless, it is also perceived as how popular free antivirus are in Brazil. Most blogs that have posted these videos, had comments on avast and its famous female voice that warns them of new virus. In one of the blogs, someone comment : . “Who never went through something like this. You take your thumb drive to a friend’s house, to copy a few songs, some “educational videos”(referring to porn), go home and waiting to enjoy your files and the lady starts screaming on the computer “TU TU TU TU TU THREAT DETECTED! ” that Avast pesky woman screaming as soon as you try to open something.”

dvd player with usb for pendrives

Finally, the video also shows how the poor population still keep a village culture, by helping each other and sharing. According to the lady in the video, she got free music from a friend, then another friend formated the pendrive for her, and finally she called another friend to check for a doctor!

Just a regular computer user. I write for regular users like me. When we grow up we are taught basic security tips like how to cross the street. But we are not taught how to take care of ourselves online.